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Norah’s Knits: Twists and Turns (or Rectangles Rule!)

It’s amazing how a little twist or fold can turn a rectangle into something so much more. The Gazost turban? Just a rectangle.  Emily explained how to make this hat come together in a beautifully illustrated post a few weeks back.  I wanted to bring it up again because this hat is the perfect illustration of  how much a rectangle can do!


In our Longmont pattern, you simply wrap a rectangle around your neck, add a back and you’ve got a vest.


Carcross is essentially the same idea but with a wider, plusher tube as the rectangle and a back with more coverage.

335_carcross_lgCarcross-4641 copy

Taking another turn, the long rectangular back on Aquari, folds to the front to form the shoulders and neckline. The front is just a rectangle too.  If you make 2 half sized  fronts and add  a pair of rectangles for sleeves and you’ve got the cardigan version – Sagebrush.

The front of Cloud is, AGAIN, a simple rectangle, but when its reversible fabric is twisted, it gains shape and complexity without any extra knitting effort.


Connate is my last example of the magic of rectangles in action.  Although this cardigan starts out with a normal construction of fronts, back and set-in sleeves, it’s the rectangular trim that gives it personality. One long rectangle forms the front bands and collar, while another wider rectangle, forms the bottom edge. When these two formerly perpendicular bands meet, they’re sewn together in parallel, forming a wonderful extra drape and transforming the hemline.


Have you ever explored the possibilities of a rectangle?

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  1. No I haven’t, but I’ve been inspired to perhaps try it…get the concept…then design 🙌 Thanks for the post! Everything is beautiful! It’s always the simplest things that are the most striking!

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