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Knitter’s Spotlight: Karma Kables by Linda Benne

It takes lots of practice to become the fastest knitter in North America. Just ask Linda Benne. She earned that title in 2004, knitting 253 stitches in just three minutes! Of course, she doesn’t mind slowing her needles to perfect a design.

Karma Kables is a seamless, short-sleeve cardigan knit in Berroco Karma. While Linda claims she’s never been a fan of ribbon yarn, she really likes Karma and wanted to offer another pattern for it in her shop, Linda’s Craftique. Her design is worked from the top-down, knitting the cable yoke first and then picking up stitches for the body.

Karma Kables by Linda Benne
Karma Kables by Linda Benne

How long have you been knitting/crocheting?

We’ll just call it more than 40 years.

How did you come up with this design?

It came into my brain and wouldn’t let go until I knit it. It took a few tries to get the yoke right – the first attempt at the yoke would have fit a football player…with the shoulder pads on! Other than that, it just fell off the needles without much thought.

Any funny knitting stories?

I once knit an adult size Doctor Denton (basically a body suit) in angora!

If you could knit something for anyone in the world it would be?

A hat for Sean Connery. He needs something to keep that beautiful head warm.

Do you have a cool design you want to share?  Or did you recently finish a project with Berroco yarn?  You can email Ashley: or post it to the Berroco Lovers forum in Ravelry.

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