Ashley’s Adventures in Knitting: Caley

I pretty much knew I wanted to knit Caley from the moment I saw it on our model last spring. It’s the only garment designed with our new fall yarn Berroco Brio, and it was just the kind of mindless knitting I needed after (finally) finishing my Merle from our Knit with Norah KAL!

I cast on for this sweater Sunday night and I really was only planning to do a few rounds to get it started. I had a paper to write for my grad school class, but I hate that in-between projects feeling. Three hours later, I was working on waist shaping! I had made an executive decision to postpone my paper writing, because I was having too much fun.

Brio is a total guilty pleasure! It’s a thick-and-thin wool blend with beautiful self-striping colors and just the right amount of sparkle! It’s soft, it’s warm and it knits up in a flash, especially on size 15 needles! I had to put my Caley aside the next two nights – I still had a paper to write and then my class – but I made up for lost time yesterday.

Modified Sleeve
Modified Sleeve

Since I was fast approaching the armhole split, I decided to make an attached cap sleeve, rather than raglan style shown in the patter. I did this for a few reasons, I really liked how this style looked with my Vizcaya and I didn’t want to interrupt the stripe pattern. As an added bonus, it meant I wouldn’t have as many seams to sew up! I looked at the schematics, did the math and basically ended up substituting a m1k for every k2tog or ssk (with one or two exceptions).  The only problem I ran into was when I bound off for the front neckline – it was off-center by one stitch (apparently, I can’t count) but I caught it right away!

My Caley
My Caley

I sewed the shoulders this afternoon, so all that’s left now is the cowl! If I can avoid future counting issues, I should have it done by the end of the week!

Have you knit or crocheted anything with Berroco Brio, yet?

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