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Emily Explains: Knitting with Two Circular Needles

If you read my post last week, you’ll know that I’ve been trying to teach myself how to use the magic loop method. I promised that I would start my next pair of socks using this method…

I didn't get too far...
I didn’t get too far…

I didn’t get too far on my new sock, but I did get the chance to visit another yarn shop in my area, Bella Yarns. I had a wonderful day with Naomi and the customers that stopped in. We talked about everything from babies to our love for the classics and all things fiber. My favorite part of the day was sitting  on the sofa and joining in on their knitting class. The ladies were fabulous – full of stories, spunk and exquisite knitting. I can’t wait to join them all again soon!

One of the ladies I was sitting next to was wonderful and full of energy. She was knitting the most beautiful sweater for her granddaughter. I noticed she was knitting the first sleeve using two circular needles. I’d seen and heard of this being done, but had never tried it myself. She inspired me to learn this method of knitting in the round using two circular needles.

Here it goes…

I really like this method! I definitely think that I’ll use it in the future. I’m not sure which I like better (one circular needle versus two circular needless) just yet… which method do you prefer?

Happy Knitting!


17 thoughts on “Emily Explains: Knitting with Two Circular Needles

    1. It’s all personal preference. It’s great how there are so many ways to knit. We can all find a technique that is comfortable for us : )

      Thanks for checking in !

  1. I first tried knitting on two circs, then moved to Magic Loop. When I tried to switch back to two circulars, I found myself automatically reverting to Magic Loop (with only one loop.) Sometimes it was several rounds later before I realized what I had done. I guess my hands – or my self-conscious mind- may the decision for me!

  2. Circular needles are wonderful. I hated double points because I always got a “ladder” when I used them. With the Magic Loop or with two circulars, I don’t get that ladder effect. I also don’t have to worry about dropping and losing a needle when knitting out of doors on the deck!

  3. Tried all the variations. Love two circs best for knitting in the round — any circumference. One half is just always out of the way. No ladders. Add a third circ into the round (especially a longer one) and you can try the work on as you go, no fuss no muss.

  4. glad to find a place to ask about the 2 circular needle vs. regular circular. I grew up doing straight needle, Continental style and circular seemed a bit intimidating. I saw a video on the 2 circular needle one and I liked the sound of it. Can anyone tell me if there’s an advantage to the 2 circular type? Without having tried either I don’t know what’s different besides 1 or 2 needles. Love to hear from you 🙂

    1. Hi Cathy! There are pros and cons to every method of knitting in the round. DPNs can be used for any circumference project (so if you’re starting with a few amount of stitches, DPNs are easier to finagle than circular needles) but you also run the risk of dropping/losing a needle, especially if you’re knitting while traveling (ask me how I know ;)). A single circular needle is more fluid than DPNs and won’t result in dropped needles getting away from, but not really effective for small circumferences. Two circular needles can also be used in a variety of circumferences, but can be tricky to a) have two needles of the same needle size handy and b) make sure you’re always using the correct needle.

      This video might help:

  5. Thanks so much apalmerberroco 🙂 Your help is greatly appreciated as is the help I got from reading all the great comments! I’ve been watching so many videos I’m surprised I don’t need new glasses, LOL.

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