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Norah’s Knits: What I learned in the Yarn Shop

In March and April I managed to carve out some time to visit a few New England yarn shops. Andra, the area’s sales rep, and I traveled with a trunk show of sweaters in a variety of sizes and encouraged knitters to try them all on. It’s a fun, party-like atmosphere with sweaters and compliments flying freely from knitter to knitter. We’ve done this a bit in the past, and there are always surprises. Inevitably knitters find they look good in a style they previously had thought wasn’t for them. I learned a lot on this tour too:

– I learned that the larger size of Pause (size 42” bust) magically looks good on everyone. (The moral of the story is – It doesn’t matter what size something is – try it on).


– I learned that I should have named Gewgaw something much more pronounceable or at least less embarrassing to say. It  has turned out to be quite popular and even I struggle to utter it’s name.  Some say Goo gaw and I say Gee gaw, but neither is all that pretty. My apologies.

2013-04-08 Elegant Ewe 015 2013-04-13 Knitting Studio event 010

– I learned from one inventive shopper that Kaver from my vol 10 can look great backwards.  Mimi suspected, from experience, that a deep V in front wasn’t for her, so she tried the piece on backwards.  The low V in back suited her really well, but if it’s not your style, you can make both the front and back with a high neck.

IMG_2344 - Version 2IMG_2345 - Version 2

– I learned, begrudgingly, that Andra is right. I should put on my lipstick before photo ops like these. The proof is here, see how lovely…

2013-04-13 Knitting Studio event 004 2013-04-04 Knit New Haven Berroco Event 007

Nidden and Snowflake Blanket

I learned that there are an awful lot of  nice knitters out there, and I feel at home with them – they are my tribe.

2013-04-04 Knit New Haven Berroco Event 001 2013-04-04 Knit New Haven Berroco Event 014

Niche, Enter , Pause  & a modified Cassia on me

7 thoughts on “Norah’s Knits: What I learned in the Yarn Shop

    1. I agree! Trunk shows are great, love ’em! ‘Niche’ is much more flattering than I thought, and ‘Gewgaw’ is much more interesting a shape than I realized. I think I’m having a hard time translating the garments modeled in the booklet in plus sizes into the minus range, and vice versa. Maybe each design would benefit from being modeled on both a size 4 and a 14? Or split the difference and go with a size 8. Just spitballing 🙂

      1. Thanks for your thoughts! Maybe showing something on 2 sizes would be ideal. Knitters could better picture themselves in the size they are closer to. Size 8 might be interesting, but it’s REALLY hard to find professional models that size. Four is “normal” and 14-16 is “plus”. I know is kinda ridiculous, but that’s the way it is right now – much more choice than we had a few years ago BTW.

  1. It was nice to see the sweaters in a size that I could try on, its frustrating to go into shops and see models in a size “impossible”. I thought I needed a 2x in most things and found out that the XL was plenty big enough in most styles. And, by the way there was a wonderful added bonus to the night – I won the door prize at Iron Horse and now have enough Maya to make a sweater for Me! Thanks again.

  2. hello,
    i’m knitting the kaver pattern. But i need help (sorry for my English).I’m knitting my sample,gauge,one single triangle but the sides are not strictly symétric.Is it normal ?

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