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Norah’s Knits: A Walk in the Woods for Inspiration

I spent most of last weekend knitting, knitting and knitting until I couldn’t knit any more.  I was compelled to knit just one more piece for my next volume (that’s Norah Gaughan vol 13). Next week is the big photo shoot, and all of my knitters were busy with other items for our Fall/Winter booklets. Besides, I really wanted to knit this one.  A nice long walk on the snowy backroads of New Hampshire turned out to be just the break I needed. This time I remembered to take along my new camera, which takes fantastic close ups.  There were so many great textures and colors.  I decided to focus on textures and patterns I thought might inspire me in the future:

When I imported the photos to iPhoto I couldn’t help but notice that this swatch looks like it could have been inspired by this image:

photo P1000611

I look forward to sitting down and pursing these photos in a few months and letting them inspire me for Spring ’14 or beyond.

4 thoughts on “Norah’s Knits: A Walk in the Woods for Inspiration

  1. Beautiful inspiration. I LOVE the natural color of the winter leaf in the first photo. It is a color that we rarely see in garments yet I would love to wear.

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