Norah’s Knits: Variations on a Theme, Cable Knit Cardigans

I love designing with cables and designing new stitches. Sometimes the “invention” of a new knit cable is little more than a simple recombination of long loved stitches.

To come up with the cable pattern for my Kaide cardigan, I started with this very basic easy honeycomb pattern in two sizes.Screenshot 12:31:12 11:54 AM 3

I added a few columns of little no-turn knots, alternated bobbled and not-bobbled sections Screenshot 12:31:12 11:54 AM

…and then punctuated the pattern with this bold braid (another old standard in the cable lexicon)

Screenshot 12:31:12 11:54 AM 2

Yielding this finished combination:


If you’ve looked through the gallery of my designs on Ravelry, you may have noticed how one knitting design can lead to another. I blatantly reused the small scale patterns from Kaide when I designed The Cabled-Cardi in Knit Red and again in the Paddington Coat from Comfort Knitting and Crochet Baby and Toddlers. These three handknit cardigans are all based on the same pattern stitch, but the looks and silhouettes of the cardigans keep them looking quite different.


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