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Ask Amanda: Why is my bind-off so tight?

Binding off in knitting can be one of the most exciting steps of the project, since every stitch takes you closer to finishing. While the actual motion of binding off (alternatively called casting off) is very similar to knitting, there is an important difference.

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Knitter’s Spotlight: Independent Designs

This week the spotlight is on our independent designers.  We’re always amazed when we see all the beautiful and varied ways you’re using our yarn.  With the official start of winter just a week away, I decided to focus on patterns that will keep you warm! Read more

Norah’s Knits: TV Knitting

Lately, the time I most want to knit is when I am watching TV, and that means I’ll want to work on something pretty easy. I find the same thing to be true when I knit in the car. I can’t really look down too often, so I need simple knitting. Read more

Get to Know Berroco: Company History

“Ever since we were teenagers we worked in the mill, doing various jobs, learning the business, so we got to know the people, and they knew us…” quote from 1994 interview with Philip, Arthur & Strickland Wheelock

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Ask Amanda: Why is there a loose stitch at the end of the row?

It’s important to remember that there are as many styles of knitting as there are knitters, so each person’s work will look slightly different.

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Knitter’s Spotlight: Miniature Alpine Sweater by TgrLly01

Planning to trim the tree this weekend?  You might want to add some knitted ornaments, like our Minutia, as a finishing touch.  With dozens of designs to choose from you’ll be able to deck the halls, too!  Plus they’ll be the fastest handknit sweaters you’ve ever made!  TgrLly01 finished her Miniature Alpine Sweater in just two days. Here’s what she had to say about the project. Read more

KnitBits Preview: Inspiration for Babies & Toddlers

I love when designers share their knitting inspiration. If you’re like me, you’ll want to check out tomorrow’s KnitBits.

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