Cute As A Button

Design inspiration comes in all forms.   It might be a pretty picture, a colorful quilt or even something small, something as cute as a button.  In this case, make it 8,000 buttons.

Mosaic buttons, Civil War buttons, shell buttons…it’s hard to find a kind of button that isn’t on display at the Keep Homestead Museum in Monson, MA.  Keep as in Myra Keep, and also Amanda – they’re distant relatives!

Amanda and Norah got a special tour of Myra’s button collection this week.  Special thanks to Emy Shepherd and the rest of the KHM board of directors.

Amanda & Norah outside of the Keep Homestead Museum

You don’t have to know a Keep to visit the museum.  Open houses are held the first Sunday of each month from early April to December.

Visit the Berroco Facebook page for details!


  1. Was with my knitting group yesterday and one of the ladies said “It’s the year of the button” – seems an appropriate slogan

    1. That’s a great slogan, Jennifer! We’ll have to see how Norah & Amanda are inspired by our trip to the museum. Next year might be the “Year of the Button” for Berroco!

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