Cute As A Button

Design inspiration comes in all forms.   It might be a pretty picture, a colorful quilt or even something small, something as cute as a button.  In this case, make it 8,000 buttons.

Mosaic buttons, Civil War buttons, shell buttons…it’s hard to find a kind of button that isn’t on display at the Keep Homestead Museum in Monson, MA.  Keep as in Myra Keep, and also Amanda – they’re distant relatives!

Amanda and Norah got a special tour of Myra’s button collection this week.  Special thanks to Emy Shepherd and the rest of the KHM board of directors.

Amanda & Norah outside of the Keep Homestead Museum

You don’t have to know a Keep to visit the museum.  Open houses are held the first Sunday of each month from early April to December.

Visit the Berroco Facebook page for details!

2 thoughts on “Cute As A Button

  1. Was with my knitting group yesterday and one of the ladies said “It’s the year of the button” – seems an appropriate slogan

    1. That’s a great slogan, Jennifer! We’ll have to see how Norah & Amanda are inspired by our trip to the museum. Next year might be the “Year of the Button” for Berroco!

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