Have you checked out the latest issue of Twist Collective? It’s got a lot of great designs, including a gorgeous oversized pullover, Crosstrail, designed by Norah. Let’s take a closer look at the sweater (all photos by Carrie Bostick Hoge).

It’s worked in Lodge, Berroco’s new self-striping wool blend, which is perfect for accentuating the bias-knit panels that make up the body of the sweater. A deep V-neck and drop shoulders add to the cool, slouchy silhouette.

It has a casual, laid-back feel that makes it a perfect layering choice for a relaxing fall weekend…

5 thoughts on “Crosstrail

  1. That sweater would look a lot better on someone who wasn’t a size Minus Zero. It’s too big on the model and unappealing. If it’s meant to look like that, it’s definitely unappealing. (The model is lovely, but the sweater does her a disservice.)

  2. I agree with Ludmilla, except I don’t think that sweater would look good on any body type. It accentuates the stomach and hips in a most unattractive way.

  3. Guess this is “different strokes for different folks” day….love the oversized sweater…I think the way the striping worked out does put an emphasis on the hips, and I would prefer it in a solid, but the sweater itself is great, and I’m going to get the pattern.

  4. I *love* working in different directions with striping yarn! It is, indeed, designed to be worn with 6″-10″ of ease and this model is wearing the 44″ sweater. Fashion, in general, is moving towards this oversized look, but as the knitter of your own destiny, you can choose the amount of ease that would suit you!

    I think it would be just interesting enough for me to enjoy knitting, and just flattering enough for me to feel cozy, colorful and happy while snuggled up with a book. It really would be a wonderful “weekend sweater”! I’m thinking the “Jackson Lake” colorway.

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