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June ’12 TNNA Recap

We’re back in the office after attending The National Needlearts Association’s summer trade show in Columbus, Ohio. We had a great time chatting with yarn shop owners and designers, and this year we set up a fitting booth full of sweaters in sizes large and small (and styled after our Vogue Knitting Live booth).

With the opportunity to actually try on the sweaters, shop owners could really understand the designs and make better decisions about what to order. Here were some of the most popular garments:

Consonia from NGV11 was originally photographed with a belt, but we used a shawl pin from Lantern Moon to make trying it on easier. Everyone loved the flattering fit of this sweater!

Aquari from Booklet #321 was featured in the TNNA fashion show, where its modern silhouette and intriguing construction made it an instant hit.

Everyone loved the unique construction of Germane from NGV11. It can be pinned in a variety of ways or left to hang open, which proved to be flattering on a wide range of body shapes.

Another TNNA favorite was Arrowroot from Booklet #326. The easy-to-wear cardigan looked great on everyone, and it’s the perfect garment to showcase a special pin.

The weekend went by really quickly, but we had a great time and got to speak with lots of enthusiastic knitters!


2 thoughts on “June ’12 TNNA Recap

  1. Had a great time chatting with a really nice fellow who I think was named Ron. He did a great job in answering all my questions. I was impressed by your booth. Thanks for a good time !! Susan

  2. once again berrocco shines in construction and versatility,,.thank you, once again for creating style and fashion that is accessible to all ages, shapes and sizes…norah, you are a genius and a gift to knitterdom……mimi2 on ravelry…aka local talent….ps…i just retired how can i help? ……..i am willing to sweep the floors…. blackstone,ma

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