Video Tutorials

One of my favorite things about knitting is the fact that there’s always something new to learn. The craft is constantly evolving, and today’s knitting patterns often blend traditional methods with new experimental techniques. A few years ago, the design team began creating how-to videos as a way to help answer knitters’ questions and teach them new skills. Some of the videos apply to a specific Berroco pattern, while others offer demonstrations that can help with any project…

Q: What do I do with all these ends?

A: This video covers a wide variety of situations involving the ends of yarn, including joining a new ball and weaving in ends:

Q: I’ve heard slipped stitch colorwork is easier than stranded knitting. How does it work?

A: This demo proves that an intimidating-looking slipped stitch pattern can actually be very easy to knit:

Q: What cast-on should I use with ribbing?

A: This simple cast on is easy to learn and perfect for patterns using K1 P1 rib:

Q: I hate sewing set-in sleeve seams because they never come out right. How can I sew a nice-looking seam?

A: This video walks you through the steps necessary to achieve a clean and attractive sleeve seam:

If you have a knitting question, be sure to check out our constantly growing how-to video library. And if you have suggestions for future videos, don’t hesitate to let me know…



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