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Color Trends for Fall 2012

We’re less than a month away from revealing our new yarns and designs for Fall/Winter 2012… Though it’s still too early to show off the designs, it’s a perfect time to start taking a look at the latest color trends for fall. Instead of following one overarching theme for the entire season, we’ve covered a series of mini-trends:

BOLD BRIGHTS – They’re clean and modern, and look especially fresh when worn in a monochromatic outfit.

DUSKY NEUTRALS – Universally popular and easy to wear, these shades are tried-and-true wardrobe staples.

FROSTED – Softened versions of saturated shades offer a more subtle way to explore color.

EARTHY MULTICOLOR – Bright bursts of color are blended with more subtle tones, echoing the varying shades of a landscape.

We’ll be revealing the entire collection on our website in less than a month, so stay tuned!


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