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The candy section at the grocery store has exploded to twice its size. There are styrofoam headstones lining the sidewalks of the houses across my street. I can’t stop eating candy corn. It’s pretty clear that Halloween is right around the corner.

It’s even starting to look a little spooky in the design office:

On the cute end of the spectrum, Brenda has decorated her office desk with a little pumpkin and a green-eyed cat wearing a witch hat.

On a more terrifying note, we have the office’s resident child mannequin. What’s spookier than a headless mannequin? A headless mannequin with shiny jointed arms that end in little round discs instead of hands.

Halloween’s trademark colors, orange and black, are looking especially appealing to me in clothing these days. Orange is a great color for adding a little pop to a neutral autumn outfit, and black is an established year-round classic. I’ve pulled together a range of wearable shades from Berroco’s yarn line:

Orange (from left): Remix 3924 Clementine, Peruvia 7110 Naranja, Seduce 4424 Clementine, Comfort 9724 Pumpkin, Flicker 3320 Cygne, Ultra Alpaca 6263 Carrots, Blackstone Tweed 2650 Sugar Pumpkin, Peruvia Quick 9179 Camote.

Black (from left): Flicker 3334 Schwarzfels, Campus 2493 Thesis, Blackstone Tweed 2658 Pitch, Link 3217 Zebra, Comfort 9734 Liquorice, Bonsai 4134 Sumi Ink, Peruvia 7170 Fumar, Lustra 3134 Eiffel.

Any of these colors would look great whipped up into a quick hat or scarf… Perfect for late fall!


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  1. I can’t stop eating candy corn either. My husband says I’m addicted. I need another fix as soon as I get home, and I have eaten a whole bag in three days. I need help.

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