Back to School

Growing up, I always regarded the start of a new school year as a tragedy of epic proportions. The reality, though I never would’ve admitted it, is that it was actually a little refreshing. After weeks of goofing around by Lake Michigan and making home videos in the basement, it was an interesting change of pace to be suddenly thrown back into a regimented schedule. Assignments with deadlines, new books to read, new teachers… It all amounted to a sort of challenge. Even if August and September won’t be bringing you a new semester, I think the principle still applies to knitting:

Is there a technique you haven’t tried yet? Check out our how-to videos for quick tutorials…

Is there a yarn you’ve got your eye on, but haven’t tried knitting with?

Clockwise from top: Ultra Alpaca Tonal 6359 Frambuesa, Campus 2499 Honor Roll, Flicker 3334 Schwarzfels, Boboli 5310 Crumpets, Ultra Alpaca Tonal 6336 Arandano, Boboli 5333 Stroll.

Is there a great pattern that seems a little beyond your comfort zone?

Left to right: Lory (seamless gloves), Mellie (seamless cardigan), Winterfloral 2 (colorwork cowl), Rosina (mittens with bobbles), Runcorn (striped cardigan)

These are exactly the kinds of knitting challenges that seem perfect for back-to-school time…


6 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Lovely examples! Could you please tell me about the sweater/capelet (?) with the Rosina mittens? Thank you!

  2. I’m such a nerd – I always loved going back to school… but I never thought of challenging myself during the “back to school” season with my knitting. It would be the perfect time because the kids will be in school and I could actually concentrate without someone pulling on me or hollering my name a billion times in a row… oh wow – my nerd love for back to school is in high gear again – Thank you!!

  3. I can almost picture you in class raising your hand at all the teacher’s questions. Thanks for the great ideas. I am knitting and writing right now. It’s how I multitask!

  4. Over here in New Zealand, we are deep in our winter, and the kids are mid way through term 3 of the year. As I don’t love getting wet from the falling rain, and besides its warmer inside. I have given my self a personal challenge. Socks. Might seem mundane, but it is something I have never done before, Just the thought of those DPN’s sends (or used to) shivers down my spine. Not now I am loving knitting in the round and am on to my 4th pair of socks, I found a lovey lace pattern that I am going to try next for my daughter. One could say challenge accepted and completed. now what can I line up to do next…..

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