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Fall Color Trends

It’s mid-August…

Which means back-to-school sales are in full swing, new issues of style magazines have expanded to twice their usual size, and the first fall deliveries have arrived at stores.

As I keep encountering these signs of the upcoming autumn, I’ve been noticing some definite color trends in fashion. Bold, bright, and modern colors are being paired with easy-to-wear neutral tones, allowing for fresh-looking color combinations with a strong sense of balance.

I’ve pulled together some great examples of these colors from Berroco’s shade cards. The brights are contemporary and crisp-looking:Left to Right: Peruvia 7192 Sol, Lustra 3171 Menthe, Ultra Alpaca 6260 Royal, Blackstone Tweed Metallic  4642 Rhubarb, Peruvia 7191 Pimienta.

The neutrals work to complement bolder colors, while also helping to pull the look together. Here are some nice options:Left to Right: Voyage 4030 Satchel, Campus 2492 Thesis, Boboli 5320 Ceylon, Voyage 4010 Maple, Ultra Alpaca 6214 Steel Cut Oats.

It’s easy to picture this bold/neutral color pairing with sweaters from the Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Softly-colored Nurmi from Booklet #311 would look stylish layered over red (pants from J.Crew).

The magenta Ion hat from NGV9 would look sensational paired with a gray jacket like the one pictured and a pair of bottle-green corduroys (pants from J.Crew).

Cappuccino from Booklet #314  is pictured in a glowing red with neutral-colored clothes and accessories, balancing the bright pop of color.

If you’re ready for a wardrobe update, start a project in one of these beautiful colors to mix and match with what’s already in your closet.  This season is perfect for experimenting!


5 thoughts on “Fall Color Trends

  1. Oh Amanda, you have done it again. Writing another fascinating and insightful blog. I enjoy them almost as much as I enjoy your tweets, which bring joy to my mundane life. I hope you write some kind of pattern book in the near future.

  2. Consistent excellent blog entries…and I know how hard that is to do! Excellent work, Amanda.

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