Knitting Now and Later

Summer has just begun… But in the design office, we’re solidly in the habit of working far into the future:

  • Norah and Warren will be traveling to Italy soon to start planning yarns for Fall/Winter 2012.
  • Norah and I are actively designing for Spring/Summer 2012.
  • Berroco just introduced the exciting new yarns and pattern booklets for Fall/Winter 2011.
  • The yarns for Spring/Summer 2011 are currently being worn as newly completed knitting projects.

I’ve heard Norah ask more than once, “What month is it?” and she’s only half joking.

All the calendar confusion has me contemplating trans-seasonal knitwear. Looking through the 2011 pattern collections, I spotted a number of items I would happily knit and use throughout the year:

Kilikiti (from Booklet #309): This trim cardigan would look equally good thrown over a summer tank top at the movie theater, or layered over a waffle-knit long sleeved shirt when the weather turns cool.

Rafaella (from Booklet #310): This shoulder-warmer would be perfect to keep warm at a summer evening bonfire, or to wear while ice skating later in the year.

Ascona (from NG vol. 8): This textured scarf will look equally stylish draped loosely over a breezy blouse or wrapped cozily around the neck underneath a warm coat.

Charles (from Booklet #312): An adorable stuffed bunny knows no season.

All of these projects have just the right combination of simplicity and style needed for multiple seasons of use. In addition to being fun to knit, they’d also make great gifts for birthdays and special occasions all year long!



  1. Charles, the bunny, is absolutely adorable! He just got moved to the top of my To Knit list. Now I just have to decide which colorway to use. Maybe I’ll knit several, each in a different color.

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