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Summer is Coming

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching. Many folks are traveling far and wide to attend graduation ceremonies. I keep getting cravings for frozen lemonade. These signs can mean only one thing: the long-awaited summer is practically here.

When the weather’s hot, trying to work on big fuzzy sweaters and blankets can leave me roasting. Woolly yarns stick to my hands when the weather is humid, and I get little hairs stuck all over my favorite summer tops. That’s no reason to pack up the needles, though. Baby clothes are perfect items for summer knitting…

Great yarn choices. My ideal fiber options for baby items are cotton blends (Weekend), washable wool (Vintage, Sox), or synthetics (Comfort). In addition to being durable and easy to clean, these materials generally slip across your hands easily even in warm weather, so there are no fuzzy remnants stuck to your hands and lap.

They’re small. They’re perfect to throw into your beach bag or to take in the car on a road trip. They also don’t require as much time to complete, so you can finish a little sweater in a timely fashion while still spending time doing all your other favorite summer activities.

They’re fun. Of course, this has a lot to do with your pattern choice. My ideal summer project is just challenging enough to keep me amused, without requiring much extra attention. Pick a pattern you know you won’t have to stress over.

Don’t forget to check your inbox for our latest KnitBits – it includes a free pattern for Parker, a baby cardigan in Weekend Chunky. It would be a great warm-weather project!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I love Pure Pima and Linsey, both a must work with for the hot weather. Check out the very addicting patterns in Norah Vol.8. what with the knitting world be without her!

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