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As you may have noticed from my iPAd sketching entry a while back, I am a bit of a gadget girl. The excitement of learning something new propels me through work, and almost invariably opens up new avenues of thought and inspiration. When it comes to discovering the newest tools and destinations on the web, I rely on Cirilia to keep me up to date. So, it went with Pinterst – as the site defines itself:  Pin· terest (pĭn’trĭst): n. a social catalog to collect and share things you love 

Participants add links to thinks they love and organize them into themed boards. I find the organization easy and pretty intuitive. While we can’t figure out how it’s possible, Pinterest is so very beautiful, and so, so nice.  Cirilia and I are keeping board on things we love , some tangentaly affect our work and some more directly, like  Cirilia’s “color” board and my “geeky nice” board.  I am finding it very inspiring and uplifting.  Time will tell how it affects my work, but I am sure it will.



  1. Pinterest is amazing. There are so many beautiful things in the world and what fun to have other people collecting images so I can effortlessly look at them! Thanks Norah for pointing this out!

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