A useful gift

A few years ago I ran into the folks who make the Nantucket Diddy Bagg.  They make a really cool, versatile canvas tote. The tool pockets can be on the inside or the outside.. You can use it as a backpack OR a tote OR unzip it and hang it flat on the wall. Originally designed for carpenters, someone cleverly realized that knitters and crocheters would love it too.

So, I instantly bought up 2 of them. One for John, since he was building our house, and one for me, because I needed something to wrangle a variety of needles, scissors and other paraphernalia along with a project or too and have it all easily portable.

the house
The resulting house.

Well, those nice folks who make the Nantucket Diddy Bagg caught wind that was a fan and comped me the newest model I admired the most. It’s made from the super sturdy canvas, like my first one, but it’s shorter and has longer handles, making it convenient and comfortable to carry.  I’m a little embarrassed that my longing look begged it off of them, but so glad to have it. Here it is in use:

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  1. I really like your canvas one, i have seen these in the really bright pink and neon colors, but just not a neon girl here!

  2. I’ve been carrying one for over a year and they are wonderful! Hubby bought me one in hot pink. Needles, scissors, crochet hook, chap stick, stitch markers, etc – it’s all there. At home or on the road, I can grab it and go without searching for tools. I LOVE mine.
    Going to their website to check out the new one.

  3. First, house looks great in that picture!

    I love this bag! I will have to get several now. Of course i will need one and then I can see my daughter with one since she has forgone learning knitting and makes chain maile….go figure.

    Thank you for sharing this great bag!

  4. I went excitedly over to the website, because they look perfect for carrying knit projects, but alas, they are made in China and India. Sorry, I just can’t buy products not made in the USA anymore, for various reasons, not the least being so many Americans out of work these days (including some of my family members).

    The Namaste bags are also imported, although I do know the Tom Bihn Swift bags are made in Oregon, so back to shopping on their website! Does anyone know of any other made in USA knitting bags?

    Kris in the SF Bay Area

  5. Hi Norah,

    Aren’t you a lucky girl! What a great bag. I’ve been missing your posts because it is one way I keep up with you and John. How’s everything? Has John been practicing sauna endurance?


  6. That house is a fairy tale!! It is exactly the kind of sweet little chalet someone who comes up with all those beautiful knit designs should have 😀

  7. i got the book comfort knitting and crochet afghans and am so thrilled with it i plan to make two of my favorite afghans–that is until i found a typo on one of them. on page 150, the last item on the key read k2-p2. it should be p2-k2. your book also taught me to read from a chart, something that terrified me, and kept me from making some really cool stuff over the years. thank you for this wonderful book.

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