Mo Rocca itchy sweater saga goes mainstream

As many of you may recall, I was all worked up a year ago when Mo Rocca declared, on National Public Radio no less, that he didn’t like homemade sweaters because they are “always itchy.” Several fellow ravelers and I took quick action and that’s all documented in my earlier post here.

Sweater for the Disbeliever (from CarolLynn's project)
Sweater for the Disbeliever
(from CarolLynn’s project)

The sweater was presented to Mo at a taping of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and the show posted a fun video of the sweater presentation on their site. Berroco gets mentioned here, as do I , but you have to really listen for it. When you get to the Wait Wait site, look for the video link, down a bit on the left.

Meanwhile, Mo was working on his other gig  on CBS and produced a piece for CBS Sunday Morning. He even learned how to knit! So, FINALLY after a year of wondering if was actually going to happen

..and NOW you can watch our friend Andra speedily knitting the finishing on Mo’s sweater.  I can’t seem to embed the flash video from the CBS site, so a link will have to do.

9 thoughts on “Mo Rocca itchy sweater saga goes mainstream

  1. My mother called after the cbs piece aired to say what really ticked her off about the comment wasn’t that the sweaters itched, but that Mo Rocca used said that knitters’ sweaters were homemade. She said HAND MADE is what they are, and a compliment, home made an insult in and of itself. Funny!

  2. Saw this on FaceBook last week! It is high time that everyone gets educated, or perhaps re-educated on hand-knits. That old thought process about them all being itchy is just rubbish! Thanks for all that you and your team does to promote “new” knitting, the fab designs and the wonderful yarns!

  3. It was so much fun to relive the experience that it was almost worth waiting a year to see the CBS piece. Plus, watching Andra knit was amazing! Coincidentally, I’m going to a Wait, Wait taping tonight. I don’t know who’s on the panel this week, but I’m hoping to get to meet Mo again.

    The clip is also on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-sFSL-JPXM. Maybe you can embed this instead.

  4. I feel fortunate, very fortunate, when I cast on a new project and my teenage daughter asks me, “Is that for me, Mom?” Then to have someone turn around and insult the craft. Before chain stores existed (way back in the day), ALL clothing was made by hand…

  5. Someone should have knit Mo a bald chicken with a sweater…..

    This whole story is just hilarious! Go Ravelry!

  6. You took off on the poor guy’s comment about knitting. He is also faulty at grammar. Sweaters don’t “itch”. They “scratch” — HE itches. Itch is an intransitive verb (no object), scratch is transitive (scratches what? his skin). The sweater scratches him and makes him itch (verb) and want to scratch his itch (noun, in this case). Somebody on TV has pets called Itchy and Scratchy. Too bad viewers failed to make the grammar distinction.

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