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Be a Sock STAR!


Find more information and an entry form in KnitBits #300! Dig into your stash or head to your LYS for these eligible yarns: Berroco Sox, Berroco Sox Metallic, Comfort Sock and Ultra Alpaca Fine and start sketching, swatching, SCHEMING!

I’m busily preparing to head to Sock Summit 2009 where you can visit the Berroco booth (#418) to learn more about our sock yarn offerings or get inspired for your own sock yarn designs. I’m not much of a sock knitter but I am over the moon for sock YARNS for a lot of reasons. It’s affordable (so much yardage for so little money!), it’s not overly delicate, the colors and the cool striping effects are right up my alley and the finer weight makes a really wearable fabric. It’s also highly stashable!

Why do you love sock yarn? Let me know in the comments!


7 thoughts on “Be a Sock STAR!

  1. I like sock yarn so much because of the fabric it produces – I’m a big girl, and the finer gauge really flatters my curves a lot more than bulkier yarns.

    Plus, I’m a definite process knitter, so having more stitches to manipulate makes me happy =)

  2. For the reasons you mentioned, as well as that they make great shawls and baby things. Easy care, bright and colorful, not too warm for baby!

  3. I’m with Donna – the bright, vivid colors that only seem to appear in sock yarns. Also, they seem so delicate and yet, they’re so strong.

  4. I love the little balls of squishy goodness that is sock yarn!! The colors are so tempting and the self-stripers knit into the most fantastic items. I don’t knit many socks, but sock yarn is great for fingerless gloves and hand warmers.

  5. I was a mad sock knitter for several years. For some reason, a couple of surgeries within a 2 month period, + radiation treatment, did something to my brain. (Less ability to concentrate).All of a sudden sock knitting lost its appeal, as did crossword puzzles. However, I have a big stash of this yarn and am loving using it in small items, even combining different yarns that pattern different ways. Somehow it all works together, and is a lot of fun to do!

    By the way, I love your website, and have always thought Norah was a great designer even before her Berocco days.

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