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Norah Gaughan volume 4 is printed and shipping to stores!  We’ll be showing it on the Berroco website and launching all of the Spring 09 booklets in the Knitbits newsletter starting January 16th, but meanwhile, I thought (I was hoping) you might want to see a bit more. Doled out in moderation, of course.

This little number is knit in Seduce.  It’s in the story I named “excess” becasue all of the pieces have excess fabric that taken up in various ways.  In this case, triple decs and later incs make the eponymous puckers.


11 thoughts on “pucker

  1. I love this! The shape is similar to a top I’ve been wearing a lot lately – I can’t wait to knit this. And to see what else is in Vol. 4!

  2. LOVE! I’ve fallen in love with most of this series and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. (I loves me some puckers)

  3. You are a tease……………. but we knew this as you have led us down this path before. I should expect nothing less from a woman (brilliantly gifted with the knit notwithstanding) who uses the word ‘eponymous’ in her description.

    Can’t wait to see it all!

  4. I love doing baby items, and since I can both knit and crochet, I like your patterns. I like to knit while watching tv or a movie since I usually don’t have to look at my knitting, I can do it without looking.
    Thanks, can’t wait to see it!

  5. This is lovely – I wish I was younger (and thinner) to wear this.
    Also cooler, ( live in Florida) so there isn’t too many times when you can wear something like this, although layers it would be perfect for winter.

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