13 thoughts on “NGV4 photo

  1. What timing! This is going to be out just in time before you run off to Italy!

    Happy New Year, Norah, and thank you for everything you’re doing.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful design. I have a feeling that NGV4 is going to be as wonderful as the first 2 volumes.

  3. Oooh that is very nice! Has your iTouch become your portable brain too? You have downloaded the StitchMinder app right?? It is so very nice for knitting!!
    Of course with 4 children I have dubbed it the iDon’tTouch!

  4. That is a stunning cardi!

    I, for one, am avoiding the urge to purchase anything that lets me access the internet through a phone (or phone-like object), but it’s getting harder – they’re just so handy when you can look up google maps when you’re out on the town and you’re lost.

  5. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! Norah, I am smitten with your designs! Such a creative mind. Thank you for your work!

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