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Cirilia recorded some helpful videos for this week’s Knitbits.  All three relate to the free pattern, Rosebud (a lovely cardigan designed by Tonia Barry) but might be quite helpful if you need help picking up sts, have fear of bobbles or if you forget to put in buttonholes some day.

hints for picking up stitches
an after thought buttonloop
making a 4 stitch bobble

5 thoughts on “new videos

  1. Berroco KnitBits® #272 – Peace on Earth from Berroco
    Happy Holidays, this was the best cover (12-24-08 emails) for a Christmas one could imagine. It appears as little earth pictures. Bless you!

  2. Thank you so much for these clear, easy to follow videos on the exact techniques I’ve been wondering about/having problems with! More please!

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