When ice comes to New England

icy tree in Peterborough  Icy tree in Peterborough, NH


The ice storm in New England missed Berroco altogether, but affected my home town of Peterborough NH quite significantly.  This reinforced several things I already knew:

1 – Headlamps are an essential knitting tool. …and it’s such a great look for me 😉

2 – Layers of knits are lovely when there is no source of heat in the house.

Norah knits by headlamp - photo, John Ranta
Norah knits by headlamp - photo, John Ranta


What to do but knit?
What to do but knit?

14 thoughts on “When ice comes to New England

  1. This picture of you bundled up knitting in an ice storm with a headlamp on qualifies as Best Knitting Photo Ever.

    Hey – is that a J. Crew scarf you’re wearing?????

  2. yikes…camping / knitting gear. Think your on to something! hopefully things straighten out soon. The big power outage just missed my mom, she is just north of it. Your al in our thoughts! (lol, i got a generator for xmas early last week)

  3. That headlamp is going to be all the rage, I just know it!

    Hope you have warmed back up and all is right with your wintry world!

  4. I was just popping around trying to collect all the ingredients to make the cover sweater off your volume 3, when I stumbled on the familiar icicle picture. I had received some similar ones from my aunt the other day. Turns out she’s just down the road from you in Francestown and is fortunate enough to have a generator for times like these. Hopefully the power will stay on this time!

  5. OMG – You go Norah!!!

    I never thought of putting together a knitter’s survival kit until now 🙂

    The first thing on my list is going to be that handsfree-headlamp!

  6. Hi Norah,
    You and half the women in the Monadnock region were knitting their way thru the power outage judging by my business. The Woolery had no power (no cash register, credit card processor, running water, lights, etc and for much of the time no heat or toilet) but we sold LOTS of yarn!

    I just had a lovely woman in here who ran into John at Harlows and fell in love with his sweater. She said he was beaming as he told her it was made just for him and when she told me the story, I knew just who she must have met and where to find the pattern! She is a sojourner in Peterboro, only here a few weeks, but came to the shop on a search for that pattern. She said she’s never seen anything like it. Just wanted to share the warm reveiw with you!

    Also, I hear you are going to meet up with my friend Raisa. I hope you have a great time with her– she’s so smart and cosmopolitan and a great knitter too.

    Big News! The Woolery is moving to a building 1/2 mile west of where we are now– where Linda’s Oak Furniture was, near the MOBIL station on 101. Come check it out in March– moving day is March 15th.

    Hope you are well,
    Love, Deb

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