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circular process

Well, the Berroco pattern books have hit the shelves. A few months ago, I was able to document the birthing process of one design, Prospera from Booklet #277 Peruvia, and now I can start talking about it.

The story starts with this photo of a store window in Florence:

As you can see, it’s not a brilliant photo, not a piece of art, but a reminder of an idea. The sweater in the photo has a crocheted medallion inserted into a knitted garment. I started working on my version. Mine may look crocheted, but it’s totally knit.

I thought this was going to be the RS:


Then, I turned the piece over:


Some themes seem to repeat. Here’s a wooden medallian I carved a few years back:

To be continued…and continued…

8 thoughts on “circular process

  1. Wow! Prospera is gorgeous! Somehow in the excitement about your 3rd Booklet I missed #277.

    And you carve wood?? You have so many amazing talents!

  2. Fascinating to get a wee look inside your process! I’ve enjoyed seeing all the new designs emerge on Ravelry…so many beautiful creations from you and your team!

  3. Norah,
    Your volume 3 is beyond words… but ALL of the books are deserving of some serious praise. My pulse went up months ago when Andra showed me the master pattern booklet and I placed my order.

  4. That medallion reminds me strongly of the moulds used to make corzetti, a traditional apsta of eastern Liguria, that is supposed to be boiled until al dente in water where had been boiling some diced potatoes and some beans, then served with pesto. The pasta medallions are produced pressing small bits of dough between moulds that traditionally had family-specific decorations.

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