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This is a bit of an artifice, but I’m going to describe the next part of the design process for Prospera in the present tense:
Ok now, I’m happy with the medallion. How do I extend it into a wedge shape? Let me rephrase that. How do I easily extend it into a wedge shape? I don’t want to add fussy little short rows and the thought of making a wedge with shaping at the wide end and then sewing it on seems very inelegant.

So, I’m driving down the highway and (this often happens to me) whammo it occurs to me that I need a stitch that would naturally curve around the arc of the medallion. Why didn’t I think of that before? What stitch does that?  Feather and Fan does!!  Sigh of relief.


I wing it on my first try, since I can’t really guess the row gauge.  That’s the swatch above. Later, getting the length right and making the decreases logical will be fairly easy. 

I’ve managed to design this pretty pendulum. One might think the hard part was over. Not so fast.  What am I going to do with it? 

To be continued….

5 thoughts on “pendulum

  1. Ha! For me it’s the shower. And you can’t carry a notebook in there.

    What came to me yesterday was an idea for something that involves–wait for it–fussy little short rows! Actually really long short rows.

    Also, I realized what sort of designer I am! As I was sketching it occurred to me that I’m constantly trying to make knitted things do what woven fabric can do, dressmaker details. The ruching on my Downtown clutch was totally based on the crazy satin Dior pouf skirts from the 80s, and sketches I’m working on now involved elements that would be so much easier to accomplish with fabric.

    Good thing I couldn’t sew my way out of a paper bag!

  2. What if the medallions were a contrasting bright color “peeking out” from fuller, more billowy and lighter knit?
    The vertical blocks appeared too stiff.
    Just an idear?

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