touring new england

I’ve been driving about New England (a lot) lately, visiting yarn shops and talking about my Berroco booklet – norah gaughan vol.1. A trunk of sweaters travels with me – sweaters in a variety of sizes!!! Almost everyone can find something that fits, or fits well enough to determine which size actually would be best and how the style looks on them. This has been a blast for all.

The women of Saybrook Yarns pose (with me) swathed in pieces from my travelling trunk. Sitting: Norah in annikki, Selma in chantal Standing: Jeannine in astrid and aune, Cindy in Joplin (from Berroco #266, Jasper), Glenda in kaino, Amanda in aamu, Georgia anais, Susan in kukka.

Ok, I know my use of caps is screwy and inconsistant here. I like the look of all lower case and named the pieces in my booklet accordingly, but the Berroco tradition is to use proper English (go figure šŸ™‚ ) – thus the mix.

12 thoughts on “touring new england

  1. I was impressed by the booklet, but to see all the designs on real people, wow. What beautiful, edgy (kind of a loaded word, but I’ll use it), yet utterly wearable knits!

  2. I would love to see more photos like these in the future — it can be hard to look at something on a model and imagine whether it would look good on my decidedly non-model body. Thanks!

  3. i really enjoyed trying on all of the sweaters at your trunk show! it was such a fun way to decide what to make. my manon sweater is my new favorite, i have been wearing it WAY too much.

  4. The trunk show came to my favorite yarn shop (Sheep Shack in Holden)and it was great to try some of them on. some that I liked but didn’t think would look good on me surprised me and DID look good on me.

    as for your lower case letters, sometimes i am just too lazy to hit the shift key and i prefer to save my finger strength for the needles.

  5. this is so lovely to see everyone here in your designs. i love seeing the pieces on – oh gosh i was going to write real people. like models aren’t real people, sorry models. but you know what i mean.

    i’m so happy you’re keeping this blog and i look forward to reading more.

  6. I loved your first book and made kaari using Jasper. For once I didn’t have any problem deciding on which size to make. Giving the model’s sizes are very helpful and I wish Berocco would do the same for all their designs.

  7. I am soooo happy to see the kukka on a real person. I work at a yarn shoppe in Whitefish, MT and once I saw your pattern book I knew we had to order it. I fell in love with that piece and have been wanting to knit it since day one. I was worried though that it might not look as good on me; as I’m a bigger girl, but now I know I MUST knit it. I think the Ultra Alpaca Dark Chocolate or Pea Soup Mix are screaming for my attention. Thanks for the pictures it made my choice so much easier!

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