That color target card!

During a photoshoot we routinely include a color target in test shots. This helps out our art director. There is something about that card. It seems to bring out hidden personalities. Here are some out-takes from the photography for norah gaughan vol.1

ashley hams it up
The formerly calm and serene Ashley succombs to the power of the color target. See the calm and serene version here

.bedouin eleanor
Worldly Astrid: The color target seems to transform Eleanor into a Bedouin woman from a far away land. Remember that famous cover of National Geographic?

5 thoughts on “That color target card!

  1. I like the idea of the new blog. It is interesting to get a glimpse of “what makes you tick”. Every time I knit one of your patterns I learn something new, sometimes many new things. I love the hexagons, have tried a few and plan to do more.

  2. Welcome to blogging! It’s great fun and I love the little insights you get from other people’s lives. Will there be cat pictures? It seems to be obligatory for knit blogs and I’m all in favour:)

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