Queueing up Remix Light

Yesterday on the blog we announced our next knit-along—it's a Berroco Remix® Light KAL! This lighter-weight version of Berroco Remix® is the same wool-free yarn made of 100% recycled fibers that you love to knit and crochet. Perfect for those with fiber sensitivity, it's also great for light-weight warm-weather knits. One of the many things that I love about… Continue reading Queueing up Remix Light


Summertime Knit-Along! Featuring Berroco Remix Light

That's right, we're doing another knit-along! For summertime weather, nothing beats a soft, lightweight yarn with a lot of yardage and some great projects to choose from, so for this knit-along (KAL), we're focusing on our brand new Berroco Remix® Light! If you've ever worked with our worsted weight Berroco Remix®, you'll enjoy knitting with this… Continue reading Summertime Knit-Along! Featuring Berroco Remix Light