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Giveaway: Happy Feet

Looking for knits that'll knock your socks off? Cathy Carron's latest book, Happy Feet, has more than 40 patterns - some with multiple variations - that will satisfy sock knitters of every skill. From simple slippers to zippered leg warmers to socks with beads, bobbles and buttoned pockets, Carron has covered this knitting niche from knee to toe.… Continue reading Giveaway: Happy Feet

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Knitter’s Spotlight: Handknit Socks

I’ve always thought of socks as great way to express my personality.  With the exception of holiday socks (always in style), my preferences have changed a lot over the years. When I was little, my socks were white with lots of ruffles. In my early teens, I mostly wore ankle socks with cute prints. During… Continue reading Knitter’s Spotlight: Handknit Socks