AMANO Yarns Giveaway


Congratulations to our winner, Adria Paya!

Are you excited about AMANO Yarns? Now you know how we feel!

Because Berroco is the sole distributor of this new line, we’ve done a lot of collaboration behind the scenes to get the yarns and patterns ready for the public. We’re so thrilled to finally share it with all of you!

To celebrate, we’re giving away a kit to make a sweater from the AMANO collection. One lucky winner will get the yarn to make one of these sweaters and a copy of the beautiful pattern book.


ENTER: Tell us which AMANO sweater you want to knit!

DETAILS: All comments must be posted (in the comments section, not on individual pictures) by 11:59 PM EST on Monday, Oct. 5. One winner will be chosen at random and announced on the blog next Tuesday, Oct. 6.


  1. I would also love to make the Lupe Cardigan! How cozy it will be in the beautiful and soft Alpaca yarn. I hope you choose me.

  2. I would really love to knit the Anita Wrap Vest-AMANO Warmi, This yarn looks so soft and beautiful. Thanks! for this lovely opportunity.

  3. Elsa wins this round. I love love love the cabling…and to work with Mayu would just be dreamy! Thanks for having the giveaway!

  4. The Antonia cardigan is so lovely! The pattern texture and scarf tails at the front, this would be my first pick to knit 🙂

  5. I would love to knit the Dorita Pullover. It has a clean, fresh, simplicity about it. Just enough style to make it a classic.

  6. I absolutely LOVE the Lupe cardigan – the back is just beautiful! I already looked it up, and Puna yarn is not sold in any LYS in my province 😦 Pretty please!

  7. It is a toss-up for me between the Dominga and the Anita. I’ll go with the Anita; my foot is in a knee-high cast for two months, so I think I could finish it in that time!

  8. Dorita Pullover has an interesting shape with the geometric pattern- beautiful! It is going to be a fun knitting project just in time for the cold season.

  9. I would love to make Lupe. This pattern is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope I win the yarn my fingers are itching to get started

  10. The Else vest, made with the gorgeous Mayu yarn is beautiful to look at, but would feel delicious to be wrapped in, not to mention the pleasure of working with this yarn.

  11. Oh, the Antonia cardigan is calling my name! I love the long, sensuous drape of the Mayu fabric in the pattern photo. It truly does remind me of a flowing river, as in its name, and I can only imagine the silky feel and sheen of the alpaca blended with some cashmere and silk. It would be sheer heaven to knit and to wear! Thanks for offering this fun opportunity to enter a drawing!

  12. I would love to try the Lupe Cardigan. Never knitted with such wonderful sounding yarn and would love to work on something so elegant. Thank you.

  13. Which would I pick…that is a tough one. The Lupe Cardigan and the Elsa Vest are both beautiful. But the Elsa Vest looks like more of a challenge, so that would be my choice!

  14. I can’t wait to literally get my hands on this yarn, I love alpaca. I would love to win the warmi3 kit. That sweater looks like it could be an all purpose clothing item. Can’t wait to win!

  15. The Lupe Cardigan is gorgeous. I love handkerchief styles and the new yarn line is lovely. Cusco Roofs is particularly pretty but some of the other colors are tempting too.

  16. I’ve never knit a sweater before, but would like to start with the Anita wrap vest.
    All the patterns and yarns are gorgeous. Thank you!

  17. I would love to make the Elsa vest. The design on the back is fabulous and would definitely hold my interest while not being too challenging.

  18. I would love to have the opportunity to make the Lupe cardigan or the Antonia cardigan. Both have such ‘delicious’ styling details. The examples shown in Amano yarns are lovely & make my fingers ‘tingle’ in anticipation to work with them.

  19. Everything about the Puyu yarn — its beautiful natural colors and chunkiness — makes me want to wrap my knitting needles around it to create the Marcelina pullover!

  20. I would love to make the Lupe Cardigan. The color is wonderful and the pattern will flatter any figure. It would also be perfect to wear on a day to take the chill off.

  21. That´s difficult. They are beautyful everyone and each. 🙂
    But if I have to choose: the Elsa vest would be fantastic to knit and then to wear. Thank you.

  22. Having visited PERU this year, I would be thrilled to work with one of these new yarns, but the ELSA Vest would be my favorite – I love working cables.

  23. I want to win the sweater kit to knit the top left sweater as I can wear it whenever I travel to countries that has 4 seasons.

  24. I would make the Dorita Pullover. I love the details on the back and down the sleeves. And knit in Puna, it would be so soft and comfy.

  25. The dorita sweater would be gorgeous. What a beautiful looking wool. Anyone would be delighted to receive such a gift. Whilest in Peru last year we found some amazing wools and beautiful knitted garments with it. I did buy a jumper and it is so soft against the skin and easy to look after.

  26. I would like to knit the Josephina pullover for my Granddaughter who is graduating as as a PA0physicians assistant in December and has already bee n offered a job! I also visited Peru last February so Ive enjoyed seeing the names of the yarns

  27. I would love to make the wrap vest. I’ve knit with alpaca wools before and when I see the selection and blends from Amano – I can just imagine how beautifully these projects must knit up.

  28. I love the Lupe cardigan, it will be my first finished project in 3 years. I need to focus on the beautiful pattern, the last time I knit a multi patterned project, it was a fisherman knit afghan for my mom.

  29. I would love to knit the Anita wrap vest. All of these yarns sound wonderful! I think I would need to make the Paulina cowl to go with it too. I’ve just started brioche knitting and think these designs are clever uses of the stitch.

  30. I would be honored to be chosen to knit with Amano and make the beautiful Elsa Vest with it’s stunning cablework going down the back. This would be a challenge for me but I promise to make both Berroco and Amano proud! Thank you for this opportunity!
    Happily Knitting, Kimberley

  31. I think each of the sweaters is wonderful and has unique details. I like the Antonia sweater the most. I hope to find the book that includes all the sweater patterns!!!! I will buy it as soon as it is available.

  32. Whow…I love them all…especially in my favorite yarn:D but..I think if I had to choose
    it would be the Josefina Pullover, here in Colo. I would wear that each and every day..
    thanks for the amazing opportunity.

  33. You can’t go wrong with any of the choices as they are all gorgeous. But, the Lupe cardigan is calling me. it’s saying, “Pick me! Pick me!”

  34. I would love to knit the Lupe cardigan. I am in pharmacy school and in need of a destressor project. This project would help me keep my sanity. Please pick me!!

  35. The Lupe top is bang up-to-date, yet timeless, great for layering with skirt or pants, flattering on all sizes and sporting a very unique back. I love ‘unique’ and I love making an exit in style!!!

  36. Thanks for this contest. I would love to knit the Marcelina sweter, just to think it would be all Alpaca! Ahhh… happy winter!!

  37. Sorry, I think wordpress ate my first attempt to post! lol But I would love the Antonia for my granddaughter! I know she would love it also! Thank you 🙂

  38. I would love to make the Anita wrap vest. I can just imagine a cold day feeling snug & content wrapped in this beautiful unique yarn!

  39. I think the marcelina pullover is absolutely gorgeous and would love to make it….I really think you need to pick me to win the kit…thank you so much!!!

  40. I’m a beginner knitter and I’m impressed with the details you can get with knitting. I loved all the patterns and couldn’t choose so I asked my husband! He immediately picked the Lupe Cardigan.

  41. I would love to knit the Dorita pullover. The pattern is so delicate and goes so well with the super soft yarn!! I would wear this sweater to go out for drinks and amaze all my friends!!

  42. I would make the Dorita pullover for my daughter’s high school graduation present. It is a classic seasonless sweater that is so lovely. Please pick me….

  43. I love love love the Lupe Cardigan, just what I’m looking for. Lovely! Loved the front when I first saw it. But that back detail – oh my!

  44. The Josefina sweater is perfect for layering. Love it. In fact the whole collection looks amazing
    and the yarns, well yummy comes to mind.

  45. I’d love to make a beautiful, warm Josefina sweater! I love the blog and the Berroco newsletter. Thank you for a great resource.

  46. While all of the patterns look like a FUN challenge, I’d love to knit the Lupe Cardigan! Its intricate back, along with its graceful front flowing edges make for an exciting garment that makes a statement!

  47. So many beautiful patterns! The Marcelina pullover looks so cozy, the Lupe cardigan and Elsa vest have intriguing back detail… I think I’d have to choose the Anita vest, it’s not something I’d try to knit with alpaca if I were choosing the yarn myself. Bravo on the launch of Amano!

  48. I would knit the Anita Wrap Vest but in Olive Green to complement my hazel eyes. I do love the Beetroot color also. Alpaca is my favorite yarn to work with, it just feels so good and always works up well.

  49. I love the back detail especially on the Lupe cardigan so I guess I’d choose that one, although if I needed to pick a second one, the Elsa vest is also incredibly lovely.

  50. These are sooooooo gorgeous! I’m torn between the smooshy gorgeousness of the Josefina and the silky subtle variegated Antonia so i flipped a coin. Antonia won a “best of 3” flip so I’m going Antonia. 🙂

  51. I’m very attracted to the Dominga Top, but the Anita Wrap Vest ismore my style! Do I really have to pick one!!!??? OK, ok! the Anita Wrap Vest!!!

  52. Beautiful yarns…. beautiful patterns!!! My favorite is the Lupe Cardigan. The color is perfect to go with everything + I LOVE cables. This method (join 2 cable panels as you work) will be new for me though, + I love a challenge. Thanks for the contest!!!

  53. My niece would love the Josefina Pullover, as a new mother it would help hide the last of her baby weight as she continues to drop those last few pounds.

  54. It’s so hard to choose just one, for this giveaway, but I don’t have to choose one for myself lol. As for right now, I would choose the Marcelina, as it is getting chilly here and this would be perfect!

  55. Lupe Cardigan. So fun to see the Quechua yarns – I use to live in Bolivia and learned Quechua, and love seeing these familiar terms used for yarn!

  56. I would love to make the Antonio cardigan. It reminds me so much of being in Peru and the creative way fiber is so much a part of that amazing country.

  57. Thank you very much for this fabulous give away. If I am chosen to be the lucky winner, I would chose the Lupe cardigan. This was a tough choice because all of the patterns are lovely and alpaca is simply warm as can be.

  58. I love the flowing design of the Lipe cardigan. Then when I saw the back I was awestruck! What an innovative way to seam the two pieces together with that gorgeous cable design!

  59. I knitted my first sweater at age seven using Alpaca yarn my father had gotten at work. I have dreamed of working with this beautiful yarn again ever since and would love to make the Anita Wrap, it looks gorgeous! Thank you!

  60. I would love the yarn for the Lupe Cardigan! I want to make this as a gift for my sister! She’d look absolutely stunning in it and it’s just her style :}

  61. Oh, I just saw some of the yarns at my LYS! Couldn’t keep my hands off of them. I’d love to knit the Antonia cardigan; it’s so elegant!

  62. I would love to make the Antonia cardigan. It looks like it’s interesting to make and like there is a story behind it. For someone who considers herself a writer, that appeals to me.

  63. Favorites are Josefina, Dominga and Lupe. I work in a LYS and will advise manager to order Amano yarns. Hope we get them!!! and hope I win the kit!!!!

  64. Jeepers, they are all very lovely and “up to date”. If I truly had to choose, it would be a toss up between the Anita Wrap Vest. Or the Josefina pullover. But they are all lovely!

  65. The Lupe Cardigan is stunning!!! It is definitely a truly unique twist from the “common” patterns of so many other designers!!!!! Truly the entire collection is wonderful.

  66. Dorita Pullover it’s just what I have been looking for. It’s the sort of knitting pattern just right for knitting during winter evenings, simple yet elegant.

  67. I would love to make the Antonia sweater!
    Thank you for this contest! You are going to make someone very happy! These yarns are fabulous!

  68. i just love the elsa vest and would be so thrilled to make one and to try this beautiful yarn. It could be my new favorite yarn

  69. Definitely the Elsa Vest. Such a beautiful and elegant Vest and in Alpaca it will be sheer luxury (and keep my back warm when my colleagues turn down the heat because they are warm – men!).

  70. oooh to choose just one??? how can I… I think my favorite is the Marcelina Pullover, and so very scrumptious in baby alpaca and silk mix… this is perfect for those Northeast cold winter days! please pick me!

  71. Love the ease with the Josefina Pullover. Not only is it about my skill level but airy enough to deal with frequent temperature changes (dare I say…hot flashes!). 😉

  72. very hard to choose just one that I would like to do. However, since you are making me choose I think the first one I would make is the Lupe cardigan.

  73. I am torn between the Marcelina and the Elsa vest. But if choices must be made, then Marcelina, because I would wear it more often.

  74. this is a tough choice, but i think i like the anita wrap vest best. not sure whether i would make it for myself or my daughter; i know she would love it too! it’s a gorgeous piece and i would be excited to be able to make it with a free kit!

  75. Marcelina pullover, that is right up my alley, warm and chunky but a little sexy too with the off the shoulder thing going on!

  76. I am drawn to the Elsa Vest. Being a math teacher, geometric designs appeal to me and the cables add fluidity to the polygons. The twisted cables elongate the design and accentuate the body’s curves. Amano Maya is a perfect choice with its softness of Royal Alpaca and cashmere. The silk fiber will add just enough sheen to capture the eye. Looking forward to working with these new fibers.

  77. I want to knit the Anita wrap vest! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this yarn, it sounds just lovely. I’ve already d/l the Lupe cardigan pattern, so off to find the yarn! I would love to win, thanks for having this giveaway.

  78. I would LOVE to make the Josephina sweater! Just my style. I can picture myself in this with some patterned leggings and ankle boots! Would be my favorite sweater!

  79. This is so hard, the gorgeous, bang on trend Marcelina or the lovely classic Anita. Anita has it, perfect with leggings and boots this season and next ………

  80. OOOOhh! I would love to knit the Elsa Vest. Very gorgeous and stylish, perfect for So Calif weather and appears that the pattern has enough variation in design to keep it interesting.

  81. I would love to make them all, they are both casual and elegant at the same time, but since I must choose one, I would say the Ella Vest, since once made as a vest, it looks like it can be modified to be a beautiful dress as well.

  82. Dorita Pullover for my daughter in Maryland. She loves the feel of good yarn and I love the way it knits beautifully. I am new to knitting and have found the alpaca to be a yarn of choice.

  83. Lupe works for me. I don’t have the figure anymore to have the more form fitting ones, but this is elegant, and can be dressed up or down. Would love to be able to knit it in the yarn it is called for instead of having to substitute.

  84. It’s a close call between Dorita and Elsa. Looking at the fronts, I think I’d pick Elsa, but it would depend on what the yarn said to me.

  85. Love to try making the Dominga top. I’ve got lots of long sleeve tops that would look fabulous as a base layer under it!

  86. Each of the patterns are beautiful! I can imagine a few people dear to me in a few of these. My personal favorite is the Antonia Cardigan.

  87. So excited about the new yarn! I would love to make the Antonia Cardigan. It is the most intriguing piece with varying lengths. A Fall must have!!

  88. I really love the Elsa vest, but I’d want to turn it into a dress or long tunic. Therefore, if I had to choose for the sake of this fantastic giveaway, I’d select the Antonia cardigan. YUM!

  89. The Dominga Top is so versatile! Made with an alpaca blend or just alpaca this top would be lovely. Winning this give-a-way would be a dream!

  90. This is a tough decision, but I would choose the Antonia cardigan. Blue is my favorite color and the lines are very classy! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  91. I would enjoy knitting and wearing the Antonio cardigan. The shape would look well on a wide range of figures! It is my 71st birthday today, so I look for patterns that can flatter while being appropriate across ages.

  92. I’d go for the Antonia cardigan. It’s slim and flattering, and has that cool front piece like a scarf. Could it be wrapped around the neck? If not, it’s an interesting sculptural design that’s definitely out of the ordinary!

  93. Puyu would be my first choice. It might be a good knit to make for my daughter, who is pregnant with her second child and busy with a 2 year old.

  94. I would love to knit the Lupe cardigan. That is so pretty . It would certainly take some time deciding which color would be the most fun .

  95. I would love to make the Anita wrap vest — it’s a challenging pattern that would really keep my interest, plus the yarn is gorgeous. But really, I’d be happy to knit most any of these; they’re all very fashion forward. Nice association, Berrocco! Congrats!

  96. I would love to knit Josefina looks extremely comfortable and yet assertive — as in I know what great style is and I am not afraid of it.

  97. I would make any of them but my two favorites are the Marcelina and Josefina. They are all beautiful but I would wear them the most

  98. I would love to knit the Dominga top.
    I am Presently using comfort yarn to make my grandson a sweater.
    I have loved using your Seduce and Palace and I bet the new yarns will feel great too!!

  99. The Dominga Top in Armano Warmi looks like it would be perfect for layering on a cold and snowy New Hampshire day. I’d love to make it!

  100. I love all the designs! Alpaca yarn is the very best! I am spinning some right now and it is so soft very soft and it make knitting a luxury. If I had to choose one I like the Lupa Cardigan- Amano Puna, then the Anita Wrap vest -Amano Warmi, or even the Elsa Vest-Manu Maya. O.k. All of them but the Purple color is my favorite right now. Thanks for sharing.

  101. It is difficult to chose one pattern; the Anita Wrap Vest looks like my kind of casual to go garment, but there is a sensuality to the Elsa Vest that I would love to make for my daughter…there is just something about it.

  102. Seriously I would love to knit any of the sweaters shown for this yarn but if I had to choose Antonia would be my choice..just love it!

  103. The Lupe Cardigan is by far my favorite of the patterns and I would enjoy making it. I’m sure it will feel as luxurious on as it does in the photo!

  104. It would be fabulous to knit the Marcelina Pullover in AMANO Puyu ! I love stripes and love the quick knitting of a heavier weight yarn! A perfect winter fix!

  105. It is very hard to pick, they all look beautiful! The Josefina pullover is my favorite though because it makes me want a good book and cup of tea to go along with the cozy look of this fall must have.

  106. The touch and feel of any good yarn is a true prize and a sweater is not hard to find just the time to knit a treasure of a good feeling yarn is a winner in my book. You pick me and I will knit any sweater for the pattern of what ever yarn I win.

  107. I would love to knit the Lupe cardigan. The front is so nice and drapey and the back is lovely with the cables and cable joins.

  108. The Dominga is the sweater that is truly the one for me. This design would look great in any color. Just. enough of a challenge to have everyone looking twice. I hope this is my lucky day,

  109. The Antonia cardigan is so unique. This lovely yarn would be warn and cozy during the long Michigan winters! I’d definitely start with this sweater!

  110. The Marcelina Pullover is calling my name! I’m so intrigued by a lightweight Alpaca Silk blend. This would be an amazing project and even more amazing to show my friends at The Studio!

  111. I love to knit Anito vest in cream. Pattern is lovely.The wool looks wounderful . Pick me please. Never won anything before. I have just retired. Lovely to do in my time

  112. Oooooh, tough choice: Lupe cardigan (love the back detailing) or Antonia cardigan–textured stitch looks intriguing…..I think it would have to be Antonia!! Crossing fingers…..

  113. I would love to make the Lupe cardigan or the Marcelina Pullover!! close your eyes and choose!! Thank you for the opportunity

  114. I would love to knit the Lupe cardigan. The Puna yarn, the colors and the design are all beautiful! Fingers crossed that I will be the lucky one you select!

  115. I would make the Lupe cardigan for my mom. It would be beautiful on her. She is 82 years old but still a sylish and smart dresser. For the past several years she has been struggling with a bad shoulder and getting her arms into something like this would have been impossible for her….but in January this year, she got a shoulder replacement and after months of PT is doing great. She could get this on all by herself now and I know she would love it.

  116. These are all beautiful pieces! I would love to knit the Anita Wrap Vest! I haven’t yet knit anything like this. Thank you for the opportunity to win the yarn for this item!

  117. I would love to make the Josefina pull over. I haven’t been able to buy new yarns in aa few years and love the look of it. I also have been an avid Berrocco user for years.

  118. It’s a tough choice between the Josefina Pullover, Dominga Top and Elsa Vest… but I think it would have to be the Dominga top!

  119. I would love to be able to knit the Anita wrap for me ! ) in the new Amano yarns…. .they look so soft and what gorgeous colours !

  120. The Marcelina Pullover looks amazing. I love stripes! Almost everything I make is striped. And the big neck is so feminine and sexy. Plus that chunky yarn looks lusciously cozy. Alpaca is also my favorite natural fiber to work with.

  121. Elsa Vest would be an awesome project. My 19 year old niece would look quite fashionable wearing it around her campus. She is a nursing student!

  122. I would like to knit the Anita Wrap Vest. Why? My middle name is Anita, and the vest would be a very personal item.

  123. I would love to make the Warmi with a free kit! Totally warming for this woman, and the merino will give the alpaca a little stretch!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  124. I would love to make the Anita Wrap vest for my daughter. She has been dieting to get something knitted by me. Let me be the lucky winner. Thank you for the opportunity to win this yummy yarn.

  125. Elsa vest? Lupe cardigan? Anita vest? Dorita pullover? Or, really – just about anything by Laura Zukaite? I THINK my first wish is Elsa. Love that clever back detail.