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Top Gifts for your Favorite Knitter or Crocheter

If you’re reading this blog post it’s possible that someone in your life is a knitter or crocheter and wants you to get them some gifts this year. (Subtle/Not Subtle Hint). We know it can be hard to shop for the maker “who has everything” – so here are a few things that the Berroco team is looking forward to receiving this year.

Katrinkles ruler and gauge! We are obsessed with this amazing tool. It will help your favorite maker keep a good measure of their swatches and projects while also getting a quick read on their needles. This is a major (and amazing) stocking stuffer. While you’re there, stock up on Katrinkles’ other fabulous buttons and accessories, too.

The CocoKnits Knitter’s Block is a must-have for any serious maker. We love that it includes T-pins to help make sure every shawl, cardigan and pullover they make is blocked to perfection.

We can’t get enough of Ritual Dye’s knitters backpack! It’s large enough for a full sized garment but also is able to carry all your yarn and tools if needed. We love that it’s also a perfect canvas for pins and patches so your fabulous creative can really make it their own. Plus it doesn’t scream “knitting bag” which makes it great for everyday use.

The Save Our Sweaters Lilly Brush has come in big in helping to preserve our most worn knits. We love its clever design and the way it truly gets all the pills! This is good for all-natural fiber sweaters. For those who have mixed fibers, the Gleener is a runner-up!

This tool has been popping up all over our Instagram feed for good reason! The Lumos Knitting Light provides light in the right spot so your favorite maker can work any time of day or night. It’s small, compact size makes it perfect for traveling.

Handmade Labels from Shellican! Shelli makes all sorts of buttons, stickers, and other knit and crochet-worthy swag but we really love her handmade labels. They come in knit, crochet or sewing styles.

Don’t Stop, Knit it, Knit it, cropped sweatshirt is a perfect gift for your favorite knitter. We love all the things Nerd Bird makers creates with her apparel on top of our lists.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re a great friend, and we know you’ll find the right gift for that special maker in your life. If you’re still stumped, here are a few things that will always be appreciated no matter what the occasion and can be found at any of our fabulous Local Yarn Stores!

Stitch Markers
Tape Measurers
Mini Scissors
Darning Needles
AND a Gift Card to your LYS!

Happy Shopping!

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