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5 Perfect Shawls for Summer

You have your outfit set but need that extra piece to make it pop. Or if you’re like me and “always cold” it’s nice to have that go-to accessory ready. No matter the reason, here are a few of our favorite shawls to make this summer.

Keshi is made with our beautiful ombré dyed Isola yarn. Here’s a cool fact: It is knit in the round and cut at the end to create the fringe!

Moonstone features a simple-to-follow feather and fan pattern. Made with our colorful Vivo yarn, this shawl is a great POP of color for any neutral outfit.

Basse Taille uses two colors of Pima Soft and a gorgeous mosaic stitch to create a modern shawl. We have also seen makers use Pima Soft and Vivo as their contrasting colors which have us wowed.

My texture lovers will adore Briolette in Spree. The fringe is worked into the pattern and dropped at the end, making it a super easy finish.

Lastly, is Kattegat our latest free shawl pattern also made in Spree! This is a simple crescent shape with an easy-to-follow lace pattern on the edge.

No matter which you chose we know you’ll be ready for all the Summery weather.

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  1. What does abbreviation “tc” mean in your crochet directions for this week’s free shawl pattern?

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