Best Free Meditative Knitting Patterns

It’s a hectic time of year and with that can come a lot of stress and anxiety. We know how beneficial knitting (and crafting) can be to lower anxiety, so we wanted to share our favorite meditative knitting patterns with you. These are simple rhythmic knitting patterns that once started become a carefree, mindful practice to help rest our weary minds, plus all of them are free to download!

Baby Fern Lake is a smaller version of our very popular Fern Lake blanket. Here we used 4 peaceful colors of Vintage Baby. The mosaic stitch pattern is easy to memorize and the simple shape of the blanket makes it a great pattern to sit and knit with.

Flueve is a side to side garter stitch shawl using two balls of Providence. Simple knit stitches are broken up by a row of yarn overs.

Rooibos is a simple top down raglan using Ultra Wool Handpaint and Aerial held together. Let the simple rounds of stockinette soothe your mind.

Our Lorraine blanket uses Remix Chunky and Aerial Color held together to create a subtle marl. The simple ribbing and garter stitch edging make this a great blanket to unwind with.

Our Laura pullover is knit with chunky Lanas Quick. All over stockinette and simple shaping makes this a great relaxing knit.

No matter what you choose, we know how helpful knitting is to calm the nerves. Happy Making!

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