Happy Harvest Knit-along: Attaching No-Show Buttons

We’re in the home stretch! We’ve had a lot of lovely finished Happy Harvest sets, and we’ll do a round-up of them in a future post, but for those of us still working on our ponchos, Elizabeth has a great tutorial on the final step—sewing on buttons!

The armholes in Happy Harvest are created by having button closures at each side. Buttonholes are worked at each side of Front, and then once the garment is complete and blocked you’ll attach the actual buttons. These buttons need to be located on the WS of the back – but that means if you are not careful, the backside of the button attachment (you know, the kind of messy threads/knots from securing the button in place) will show on the RS of the back (which is not ideal). But don’t worry – there’s an easy technique to attaching what I call “no-show buttons.” Check out the tutorial below!
photo tutorial of attaching buttons to the happy harvest poncho
Repeat these steps for the other side and your Happy Harvest is ready to wear. And look, no messy button backside!photo of the back side of the happy harvest poncho

On behalf of Elizabeth and the team at Berroco, we want to say thank you to everyone who participated in our knit-along! We had a great time and loved seeing everyone’s Happy Harvest poncho and cowl sets.
photo of Elizabeth Smith holding a red leaf while modeling the Happy Harvest set, with the words "thank you" on the image

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