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How to Keep in Touch with Berroco

Hi there, how are you? Whether you’re joining us for a knit-along or just want to show off your recently finished project, there’s a few places you can find us in the digital realm.

You probably are already aware, but all the information about our yarns, including where to find them near you, are over at

While you’re there, you can also find our PDF Store, where you can purchase individual patterns—use the handy filters on the left side of the screen (or at the top, if you’re on a smartphone) to quickly find patterns that interest you.

Did you know that we’re also on social media? You can find Berroco Yarn on Facebook. Follow us for daily crafting inspiration, including how-to videos and new pattern and yarn announcements. We also share free and paid-for patterns that you can click to purchase through Facebook (the links take you to our website). 

We’re also Berroco Yarn on Instagram! 

Instagram is fantastic if you’re participating in one of our knit-alongs, because you can subscribe to certain tags. This is so useful to make sure you’re seeing all the great projects that people are making as they post them. PetaPixel has an article about how to follow hashtags that can be really helpful.

You can find us on Twitter as BerrocoYarn, and Pinterest (also as BerrocoYarn). And you’ve already seen some of our videos here in blog posts, but you can also subscribe to BerrocoYarn on YouTube to see all our videos as they’re made available.

Finally, if you want to be among the first to find out about our new yarns, new patterns, new free knitting patterns or crochet patterns, knit-alongs… basically all of our new stuff, be sure to subscribe to Berroco KnitBits newsletter. We send out one email every week with great content to help you succeed in your crafting endeavors. We also send out occasional extra emails once a month to let you know about new yarns and patterns from our partner brands—Amano Yarns, LANG YARNS, Ístex Lopi Yarns, and James C. Brett Yarns. If you subscribe to KnitBits right now, you can get 50% off any Berroco PDF pattern in our shop.

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    1. Hi Suzanne, I don’t know that you can post a picture here, but you can definitely post them in our Ravelry group! If you have a Ravelry account (it’s completely free), you can go to our discussion thread and join in the chat. You can also review this handy Help page from Ravelry about adding photos. Hope this helps!

  1. The beleza pattern. Can someone explain if the k1 and p1 at beginning of rows 1 and 2 are maintained throughout rows 3 to 8? Pattern not clear to me

    Also, is the gauge set up with 11 stitches? I could not get it to work well

  2. Can someone help me the Dorothea pattern after I knit to row 34 then try and repeat rows 19 to 34 I cannot get it to work out What does knit from the middle of mean?

  3. I am knitting the Beryl pattern. On page 3 shouldn’t the incr row at the top come before the “work 6 more rows”?
    thank you for your help!

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