Lopi KAL: Planning

I love love love my Lopi sweaters—to date, I have knit 6 and I’m so excited for our Knit-along that I’m casting on #7. Choosing which pattern to knit has been a difficult process, I want them ALL! Here is  my short list:

Síðsumarskápa by Védís Jónsdóttir for Ístex ($6.50; sizes 36.5–47.25″)

Screenshot 2018-01-11 12.59.42This sweater coat from Ístex Lopi No 36. I got to see and try on this beauty when the collection first launched and immediately added it to my queue. The green color way is absolutely perfect. I am slightly concerned that it might be more project then I am up for at this time…

Gamaldags by Hélène Magnússon (€6; sizes 33–51″)

Screenshot 2018-01-11 13.05.24This is the sweetest cardigan or pullover and it has been in my queue for ages—there are 244 of these listed as projects on Ravelry. As you start scrolling though it’s easy to see why; this is one that seems to suit absolutely everyone.

Ásta Sóllilja by Kate Davies (£19, part of an eBook; sizes 29–45.75″)

Screenshot 2018-01-11 13.40.19

A pullover from Kate’s seminal book Yokes, and another pattern I’ve kept in my to-knit list for forever. Kate’s work is so impeccable, and this would be a fun way to play with all the left over yarns from my other Lopi sweaters.

Sólbein by Mary Jane Mucklestone (Making No 4.; sizes 32.5–53.25″)

Screenshot 2018-01-11 13.42.55

This pattern was published in the Making No. 4/Lines. This pattern is a little different from all of the other mentioned—it’s top down and I don’t usually care for that construction method, but Mary Jane is just brilliant and this sweater is so wonderfully simple that I think it will knit up in double time and become an instant wardrobe staple. Very tempting.

Glaswegian by me (free; sizes 34.5–60.25″)

Screenshot 2018-01-11 14.03.21

Is that weird to want to knit my own pattern? I love the design but if I’m being very honest with my self, these are not my colors. I’d love to knit this again in a palette of neutrals.

Which should I choose!? Help me decide, leave a comment telling me which project you think I should cast on next. Or if you are planning to join us in our KAL let us know what pattern you’re planning to cast on.

19 thoughts on “Lopi KAL: Planning

  1. Wow, what a PORTFOLIO of choices!

    I vote that you should start by making the Glaswegian in the colors that you are now thinking would work best for you … and then work your way from there.

    I’ve never seen anything like the Sólbein … very interesting!

    One problem with the KAL is that there are almost too many choices. And too much to explore, with the unique flavors of Lopi yarns.

    Seriously, you could make a KAL just for the Gamaldags and still wind up with not getting two of the same sweaters. The Gamaldags is a great study object to learn about interactions between pattern and color choices, indeed.

    I’m very much looking forward to the KAL …

  2. ALL look just a wee bit intimidating … hmmm! is there a beginning lopi design for crew neck pullover you would suggest? I really would like to try …

  3. Solbein is so interesting and different, I think it would be beautiful (and fun) for the KAL, but there are sooooo many choices! I am planning to finally cast on my Rydraud in black heather and white–yarn bought, swatched, just waiting to be cast on so this is the perfect opportunity. Thanks for hosting this KAL!

  4. I think all are beautiful, but I have to confess I would love to see you work on the sweater coat. It’s stunning!

  5. I re-knit my own designs all the time. There’s a reason you designed it, it had to come into the world through you. And more than once! That gets my vote, in the neutral colors, of course!

  6. I want to try the Solbein Cardigan and I can find 2 of the noted yarns (#52 Black Sheep & #58 Med Gray) BUT I can’t find #9974 Speckled Gray. These are the ones noted in the directions! Does anyone know where I can find this? Is it so new it is not listed anywhere? Is there a substitution? This seems a bit unusual for a new KAL….

    1. This might not be the correct color number? I believe the color used in the sample is actually 0054, Light Ash Heather.

      1. So confused now! My pattern directions from the book Making No. 4 calls for “9974 Speckled Gray”. Just see to want to make sure this #0054 is same weight. This my first project of this magnitude so a bit nervous!

      2. The pattern is written for Lettlopi- 0054 is a Lettlopi color. 9974 is Alafoss Lopi (the bulky weight).

      3. Thanks! Hopefully others who follow the instructions will be smarter than me!

  7. I was reading posts on the Ravelry Berroco + Lopi Sweater knit-along discussion board and someone mentioned swatching the colorwork. Is that a necessity also, or can one assume that if the main color swatch is OK, that the colorwork will be also?

    1. Hi JoAnn- I think it is absolutely a necessity to swatch the color work also. One really important reason is that many people find that their gauge is different when they’re working stranded color work and this can have a disastrous effect on the fit of the sweater. It is very common to go up or down a needle size from what ever your gauge needle is and because every knitter is different you will need to swatch to knit if you need to go up or down… Or not. You might be like me and not need to change needles but there is only one way to be sure. Another reason I think its super important to swatch your color work is its nice to check and be sure you are happy with the colors you chose and what order you will use them.

  8. Whew! I finally got my main color swatch figured out. I’m going to knit Afmaeli using Berroco Vintage. The closest I could get to the stitch count is 19 stitches and 23 rows = 4″ using size 7 US needles. I tried size 8 needles, which was closer to the specified gauge, but my row gauge was getting out of hand, and I liked the tighter knit with the size 7 needles. Would someone check my math for me? My stitches/inch calculate to 4.75stitches/inch. The XL size calls for 208 stitches, so if I calculated correctly, my finished size will be about 43.7′, which I think will fit nicely. And now, on to swatching my colorwork.

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