CLOSED: Plum Dandi Knits Giveaway

Thanks for entering the giveaway! Lily is the winner of our giveaway—but stay tuned, we’ll have many more! Huge congratulations to our friends Alicia Plummer and Melissa Schaschwary on their new book Plum Dandi Knits (F+W Media, 2017)! A collection of knits filled with beautiful details in Plum Dandi Knits features 23 projects that reflect the designers’ talent for sweetly feminine knits that are fun to make and sure to be worn forever. We are so thrilled that Alicia chose our Ultra Alpaca Chunky for 3 of her projects—read on for a preview and a chance to win a kit to knit the cover sweater!

Screenshot 2017-12-20 10.47.31


Well trodden paths through mountainous trails are represented by the x-and-o motifs adorning each edge. This thick, luxe shawl-wrap is perfect for wrapping up during any season. Knitted flat from the bottom up, the squishy garter stitch and an oversize canvas guarantee warmth and comfort.

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In the clearing, mist has lifted to reveal untouched beauty. A single fawn lifts its head swiftly, pausing. The Keene pullover is inspired by moments face to face with nature’s beauty. This updated classic is perfect for any situation, knit with a plush merino-alpaca blend and featuring a flattering straight silhouette and large fisherman’s rib turtleneck. The Keene pullover is worked from the top down as a raglan.

Screenshot 2017-12-20 10.58.43


Textured and rustic, these socks are perfect for warming toes by the woodstove and padding silently across the floor when everyone else sleeps. The Lyndon Socks are worked from the top down, with the heel flap worked in short rows.

To see all the patterns from the book visit the Ravelry page. To enter our giveaway for the yarn to knit the Keene Pullover and your own copy of the Plum Dandi book, leave a comment on this blog post (comments may take a while to appear) letting us know what inspires you. Contest open from now until 11:59 EST Tuesday January 2nd. One winner will be chosen at random and announced here Wednesday, January 3rd.

155 thoughts on “CLOSED: Plum Dandi Knits Giveaway

  1. I can be inspired by almost anything; grand vistas, or a microcosm in the garden. When it comes to knit wear, I am awestruck by unique texture, construction and color. Beautiful designs in this book, and of course, great yarn!

  2. I always love seeing all of the yoke sweaters from Scandinavia, that always inspires me! This is a gorgeous sweater too!!

  3. The Keene Pullover is the perfect cozy winter sweater. I’d be thrilled to win this giveaway. Thank you for the chance.

  4. So many things inspire me! Especially other people’s creativity – it just makes me want to aspire to something more.

  5. I am inspired by a good photograph that show the knitted item, then I am drawn to a nice neutral color.

  6. This is one of the best pattern books I have seen in years. Scrumptious Knits, I can not wait to knit.

  7. That Keane sweater looks like a great classic kind of pattern! At the moment I’m inspired by the weather — when it’s -10°F outside, I want to knit ALL THE THINGS so I can wrap up in woolly goodness & stay warm.

  8. I am inspired by beautiful photos in books. I love pattern books that focus on beautiful photography in beautiful locations. The patterns become short stories to dream over. 🙂

  9. Right now the weather is inspiring me to knit very warm and cozy things. The frigid temperatures are keeping us indoors, and keep me dreaming of bulky sweaters and cozy accessories.

  10. What inspires me? It depends. Sometimes it’s a new yarn, maybe the texture or the cushiness or the color(s). Sometimes it’s a new to me pattern or motif that I simply have to try. I’m not a designer per se, but I often incorporate bits and pieces into my own work.

  11. I was searching for chunky sweater pattern this morning! This one looks so soft, warm., feminine, and relatively fast to knit. Thank you for being right on queue!

  12. It inspires me when I see the happy look on the face of the one I knit for and they’re be so appreciative.

  13. Nature inspires me. It always helps clear my head and assists me in finding my purpose when I’m lost. We live in a crazy world and being able to go back to nature for a reset is the best. My fave colors are neutrals for that reason, well, as well as beautiful fall reds/oranges/yellows, etc.

  14. So many things inspire me like: Knitted items, textures, stitch patterns, yarn, & colour just to name a few! 😍

  15. Knitting for my family and friends it want inspires me. Seeing a project that I know they will love, and then creating it myself. I like to think of them as wrapped up in my love.

  16. I’m inspired by beautiful knitting patterns and this new book appears full of them! Will be looking for my very own copy! Lovely.

  17. Beautiful patterns! I love LOVE the sweater!! What inspires me? I look at patterns and see the beauty in art work of the finished project.. then I think oh I know I can do this!! My adrenaline starts to flow… my mind goes in a million directions… and I can’t stop till iris finished!!

  18. I’m inspired to knit by the feel of the yarn, or the color of the yarn. Sometimes it’s because I want/need a particular garment or accessory.

  19. Ravelry and friendly FB knitters inspire me to be more creative, and pictures of gorgeous yarns inspires too!

  20. I am inspired by simple,elegant designs using rich yarns. I am a knitting addict . I knit everyday, for family,friends,charity and myself. Would love to make your patterns for daughter in Brooklyn

  21. The projects in this book look amazing – Keene definitely got me inspired, as did Exeter wrist warmers and Lyndon socks! My daughter goes to University in Northern Ontario and I know she’d love her own Keene.

  22. I’m always inspired by the colors of nature. The first leaves on the trees in the spring, the flowers in the morning and the rain on a beautiful grey day. I can always see will and colorful work on day like that.

  23. My teenage daughter inspires me to try new projects that she may like, and I think she would love the cover sweater!

  24. I draw inspiration from my grandmother and mom who taught me to knit. I hear their voices as I choose yarn or a pattern. While they are no longer with me, I am carrying on a tradition and know that they are with me with every stitch that I knit!

  25. Cables inspire me! I look at all patterns that have cables. They are fun to make, simple or complicated! Your new book looks great!

  26. What inspires me – in the beginning it was my mom teaching me how to knit when I was 10. Later having grandchildren inspired me to make sweaters and booties but now just the fun of going to local yarn shops, interacting with other knitters and crocheters. I get continuous inspiration .

  27. I’m always inspired by beautiful yarns and simple patterns to let them show. This new book looks wonderful!

  28. Nature inspires me- the beauty, shapes, phases & colors. The changing seasons always take my love of the craft in different directions.

  29. A good pattern or a super soft yarn gives me inspiration!! The sweater on the cover inspires me to knit a sweater!! It is beautiful!! All these patterns are beautiful!!

  30. Such a lovely collection! I love the inspiration I get walking the parks and riversides here in Memphis and you’ve captured it!

  31. The texture of yarn moving through my fingers, the click of needles in my ears and the color shading as I form the stitches brings me delight and serenity. A meditation.

  32. I feel inspired by simple, (but not boring) timeless patterns knit up with beautiful soft yarns. I’m especially fond of merino wool and baby alpaca.

  33. My 19 year old son has inspired me since the day he was born! He has a zest for life that brings out the best in others! He inspires me to see the good in the world and to be the best mom always. ❤️

  34. I am inspired by a few things. Cold weather will inspire a frantic round of mitts and toques. A gorgeous yarn will inspire me to find a pattern worthy of the yarn. And a gorgeous pattern will inspire me to cast on as soon as I can!

  35. After knitting many Christmas presents, I would love to knit something of important for me. These patterns will be inspiring in this sense! 😀

  36. What a great contest! I got a lot of inspiration from colours and textures that I find in daily objects. I love to plan my own knitting patterns.

  37. What a great contest! I got a lot of inspiration from colours and textures that I find in daily objects. I love to plan my own knitting patt

  38. This is really exciting! My sister-in-Law just received this book and I loved it!! I already picked a couple I would love to knit. To be honest my true inspiration is my sister-in-law, she is super talented and I wish to be half the knitter that she is! You can check her out on raverly or instagram, her username is Postscriptlove. I would love the chance to be able to knit this sweater and receive more yarn! Cause who doesn’t love free yarn? So pick me!!!!!

  39. Everyday is an inspiration for me. Now I have been inspired to buy some bulky ultra alpaca!!!!! Loving this sweater.

  40. I love how the designs are very practical and wearable. But most of all, I like how the patterns add just the right touch of excitement to highlight the character of the yarns.

  41. I’m inspired by seeing other knitters’ beautiful handknits — on their blogs, on Ravelry, in magazines, in person. I also am inspired whenever I’m in an LYS. I love feeling the wonderful textures of the yarn and seeing the myriad of colors before my eyes!

  42. Good quality yarns in beautiful colors and soft to the touch inspire me to knit classic garments that last. 🐏

  43. The sweater reminds me of a classy J McGlaughlin alpaca I had back in high school. ..can’t wait to make it!!!

  44. When knitting, different things inspire me. Maybe the yarn -color or fiber, sometimes a pattern, sometimes it’s a picture on social media.

  45. I’m inspired by generation before me, when garments were made to last. It feels good to wear something hand made instead of quick fashion that will be thrown away after several wears.

  46. Beautifully written patterns and photos is what inspires me. If one person can make it, I know I can. And the beauty of it is, every piece is unique to the person who made the piece.

  47. I ever know exactly where or when inspiration will strike for me on any given day. Sometimes it might be the stillness and quiet right before the birds start singing good mornings, other times it comes from a song playing full blast on my iPod. It can come from a stranger I talk to, a story I read, or my kids playful interactions with each other. I love the feeling it brings, the sense of urgency to write it down, get it on paper, bring it to life so I can share and maybe inspire others as well.

  48. I want to knit many of these designs! The Harrington scarf for all members of my Harrington family (they would love the scarf and it’s name!); I would knit High Cliff for my girlfriends as it looks like the perfect hat for walks on the beach; Mackinaw just because I love cabled blankets and this one would be perfect to cuddle up with; the Keene sweater would look great on my daughter who is about to go off to college …although I would want to knit myself one too!

  49. I think what inspires me the most are my children, what their passions are is where I tend to focus my creativity. Thank you!

  50. I’m definitely inspired by the shapes and color combinations I find in the natural world. Today, for instance, driving home from Chicago, I was struck by the beautiful contrast of snow cover on fields, and the lovely gradient effect of the setting sun meeting the winter sky.

  51. Reading blogs, Ravelry and visiting my local yarn store is where I get my inspiration for my projects.

  52. In life, my sister inspires me. She has been battling cancer since 2011, but she always has a positive attitude. Still goes to work, doesn’t complain, and lives life to the fullest.

  53. I am inspired by texture. The more texture shown by a yarn or a pattern, the more apt I am to make the pattern, or use the yarn.

  54. Color, texture, and pattern inspire me to create. These mixed in pleasing proportions never fail to excite me into action.

  55. What gets me every time are the beautiful close-up photos showing stitch definition. I get the itch to unravel how the patterns are made.

  56. Beautifull book!
    What inspires me? Simple architectural lines and subtle earth and water shades… Love cerulean mix of your ultra alpaca <3
    Thanks for a givaway

  57. The Plum Dandi patterns use such beautiful hues and texture. Very inspiring for cold weather knits.

  58. I’m inspired by seeing projects that others are working on. I’m definitely motivated when I see beautiful projects.

  59. Interested to see whether these new Yarns and patterns can be adapted to Fair Isle technique. The designs are terrific. Looking forward to making the socks, too.

  60. My grandmother and mother were both knitters, their legacy of creating inspires me today. I adore knitting for friends, family, and occasionally myself!

  61. Texture, color and that indescribable look of softness and comfort: You know – that feeling that all you want to do is nestle in amongst all those wonderful yarns.

  62. I’m inspired to knit these beautiful and warm designs , as the temperature in Mississippi is below zero.

  63. I love using my left over yarn to knit sweaters for “Knit for Kids”, a non-profit that send sweaters all over the world – easy pattern, quick to pick up, and what I call mindless knitting to do anytime/where you have a few minutes.

  64. I don’t think there is anything more exciting than finding a beautiful knitting pattern or sitting down and beginning to create a beautiful garment! I LOVE knitting! Not only the pleasure of accomplishing a project but it is like a meditation for me. This book looks amazing!A perfect start to the New Year

  65. The feel of yarn between my fingers is enough to inspire all manner of wooly creations. Seeing my grandsons filt around in their interest-inspired sweaters and warm toes in my boots when it is -30 outside are pleasant bonuses for the time knitting

  66. So many things inspire me it is hard to nail it down!
    Colors and textures in nature do, but also beautiful Yarns and lovely patterns!
    It’s like, ” which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Sometimes I find the yarn first and it inspires me to search out the perfect pattern. Other times I find a pattern that I just have to knit, so it leads me to discover the yarn to create it!

  67. Nature, color, texture, design, and, of course, being around or reading about talented and skillful others are what inspire me.

  68. The current cold weather inspires me to knit a warm wooly sweater. The chance to win the kit would be the quick way to get started. Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. I’ve been knitting baby blankets for Project Linus and lap blankets for Alice’s Embrace (Alzheimer’s patients). Inspiration comes in a variety of forms; sometimes nature, sometimes the feel of the yarn while I’m in the store. Kind of like cooking – you never know until you get to the grocery store! Thanks for the opportunity to knit something else!

  70. I get inspired by seeing other people’s projects! I love to see what other folks are working on, as it feeds my own creativity! I usually don’t end up making exactly what I see others doing, but it gives me a starting place to work from that I can tweak to make my own unique items.

  71. Wonderful projects, great yarn selections! Now to get out some needles, dig through the stash and get something going while I wait to see if this book comes my way – if not, surely I must order it.

  72. I have been thinking of making a sweater for myself for some time. I really like the fiber and style of Keene. Am definitely considering this project.

  73. I’m inspired to knit by beautiful soft yarn & a challenging sweater pattern involving texture & shaping.

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