Color Inspiration for the Stanza Coat

We love working with Julia Farwell-Clay on projects for the Berroco Portfolio series! Julia did the incredibly lovely Teeter Totter shawl from Portfolio Volume 2, and we did a blog post showing some alternative color choices for that gorgeous shawl. She’s got another great piece for Berroco Portfolio 4, the Stanza Coat, which uses four colors of Berroco Ultra® Wool to create a gorgeous jacket.

We love imagining projects in different colors, but sometimes it’s a bit tricky to picture a future project when there more than one color is involved. So we dreamed up a few other colorways, mostly playing with the established order of darker color on the bottom, transitioning to a lighter color. Here’s the color combination used in the book sample.

This one is a more monochrome color, using shades of blue that transition into a cool gray. I like to call this one “Winter is Coming.”

This is a warmer monochrome, with the deep yellow-green of Lentil moving towards the bright warmth of Delicata. Let’s call this one “soup’s on!”

This color combination plays around with color placement, putting a dark color (Sage) at the top, after a brighter color (Butter). I’m not sure why so many of our colors are named after foods but they’re not good to read on an empty stomach. Let’s call this “Sautéed Greens” (I know there aren’t any green colors, but there’s Kale and Butter and Sage, so stick with me).

If you prefer a more neutral palette, this one also plays with moving the darker color around. Let’s call this one “Goes With Everything.”

We actually have a sample of the Stanza Coat knit up in this color combination, but we forgot to take a photo of it before it went out to a shop in a trunk show. If you’ve seen this Stanza Coat, let us know! And we’ll call this one “Napa Valley.”

Finally, this sweet combination plays off the original colors but which a much lighter, more floral-inspired combination. I think “Rose Varietals” is a good name.

Which colors would you choose to knit the Stanza Coat? What would you call these color combinations? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Color Inspiration for the Stanza Coat

  1. Oh, LOL! I had not made the connection to the Teeter Totter (I loved the color inspiration for that, but the shape didn’t work for me).

    I have the Stanza Coat on my to-knit list. It looks so cuddly! I will make it using Ultra Alpaca. I love the gray shades, so I’m keeping those. I chose Ultra Alpaca 6268 Candied Yarn Mix as contrast color to give it a warm autumn touch. In Ultra Wool I would have chosen the 33122 Sunflower to achieve a similar effect.

  2. It’s a hard choice to make, trying to choose one so I won’t aha ha. My choices would be the color combos ocean/cobalt/river/smoke and stonewash/lilac/alyssum/cream. It is a beautiful coat.

  3. ‘Soup’s On’? How about ‘Warm Hearth’? I love those colors, they call to mind my favorite season, winter, rocking chairs, quilting and caribou stew.

  4. I am more of a “goes with everything” person. Some may say style is a little drab but I’m often on the go taking kids from place to place. I’d call it – Drab and go. The sauteed greens colors is calling my name too!

  5. I think I would go with Sautéed greens. I love the unconventional pairing of brown and blue, with nice yelloew to tie it up

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