Ostro Shawl Colorways

The Ostro Shawl is knit in three shades of Berroco Fiora® using a modular construction. Each “shell” is knit individually, but the following shells are attached as you go, so there is minimal finishing. Our sample is knit up in 3 beautiful cool tonal blues. If the blues aren’t your thing, Fiora comes in 17 stunning melange colors—I’ve put together a few of my favorite alternate color ways to get your needles going.

Screenshot 2017-03-24 15.39.55

Changing just one color in the sequence can make a dramatic difference. (Click on the yarn photos to see the color names.)

Warm Tonal

Cool Tonal

No contrast

Low Contrast

High Contrast goes POP!

Which combinations are your favorite?



  1. Sorry, I couldn’t tell which labels went with the pictures. I like the color combinations for the one above and below No Contrast. I tend to pick neutral colors. One day I will splurge and try a color combination that has a pop of color. When that day finally comes, I will need to use of the yellows to brighten things up!

  2. Not crazy about any of these. Maybe Cornelia/Buford/Auburn? I’d prefer the first 2 with eithe a black or white or bright yellow for contrast.

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