Ostro Shawl Colorways

The Ostro Shawl is knit in three shades of Berroco Fiora® using a modular construction. Each “shell” is knit individually, but the following shells are attached as you go, so there is minimal finishing. Our sample is knit up in 3 beautiful cool tonal blues. If the blues aren’t your thing, Fiora comes in 17 stunning melange colors—I’ve put together a few of my favorite alternate color ways to get your needles going.

Screenshot 2017-03-24 15.39.55

Changing just one color in the sequence can make a dramatic difference. (Click on the yarn photos to see the color names.)

Warm Tonal

Cool Tonal

No contrast

Low Contrast

High Contrast goes POP!

Which combinations are your favorite?


2 thoughts on “Ostro Shawl Colorways

  1. Sorry, I couldn’t tell which labels went with the pictures. I like the color combinations for the one above and below No Contrast. I tend to pick neutral colors. One day I will splurge and try a color combination that has a pop of color. When that day finally comes, I will need to use of the yellows to brighten things up!

  2. Not crazy about any of these. Maybe Cornelia/Buford/Auburn? I’d prefer the first 2 with eithe a black or white or bright yellow for contrast.

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