Our Popular Cotton-Blend Yarn in a Lighter Weight

We’ve talked about one of our most popular yarns, Berroco Modern Cotton™, and now we’re so excited to share with you our lighter weight version, Berroco Modern Cotton™ DK!


Like it’s big sibling, Modern Cotton DK is a blend of 60% Pima cotton and 40% Modal rayon. It’s made up of 5 plies of 2-strands each (as opposed to Modern Cotton’s 8 plies). It has a soft hand and fantastic drape, same as Modern Cotton—it just knits up at a tighter gauge. This swatch was knit on US size 4 (3.5 mm), though our recommended gauge calls for a US size 5 (3.75 mm). As always, it’s important to swatch when working with a new-to-you yarn.

Berroco Modern Cotton and Modern Cotton DK make up the projects in Berroco Portfolio Volume 3, now available online and in print at your LYS. These patterns demonstrate the range of this yarn—it can do beautiful traditional lace, gorgeous texture, and fluid stockinette stitch.

Landscape Pullover by Norah Gaughan knit in Berroco Modern Cotton DK

Island Wrap knitting pattern by Emily Nora O'Neil, knit in Berroco Modern DK

Marca Ruana knitting pattern by Amy Palmer, knit in Berroco Modern Cotton DK

Anniu Top knitting pattern by Bristol Ivy, knit in Berroco Modern Cotton DK

Malaga Tank knitting pattern with crochet edging by Alison Green, in Berroco Modern Cotton DK

Sweetgrass Shrug knitting pattern by Donna Yacino, knit in Berroco Modern Cotton DK

Rodinia Shawl knitting pattern by Alexis Winslow, knit in Berroco Modern Cotton DK

Berroco Modern Cotton DK is available in 24 colors, and it’s shipping out to yarn stores everywhere. Find out if your local yarn store has it using our Store Locator.

8 thoughts on “Our Popular Cotton-Blend Yarn in a Lighter Weight

  1. Knitting with cotton has always been a knitting disaster for me.
    What does the addition of rayon do to cotton yarn? I always have considered rayon a cheap fiber and as a way to reduce the cost of fabric.

    1. Rayon helps to make the overall yarn lighter and softer—cotton on its own is a fairly stiff fiber, and can become very heavy when it’s 100% cotton. The addition of Modal rayon, which is made from beech trees, helps to soften up the fiber and make it a thicker worsted or DK weight yarn without adding too much weight.

  2. I ordered Rosecliff and Salty Brine this past week from Jimmy Beans Wool for warm weather tops and plan to get those colors and Sandy Point in Modern Cotton to make the Baltica Cardigan as written and then with two different stitch patterns once my Lopi Antipodal sweater is complete. I have a feeling these will become go to yarns for summer in the deep south. Coastal Knitting in Beaufort, SC introduced me to Berroco when I began teaching myself to knit last summer after 45 years of crocheting. Between them and Jimmy Beans Wool, my Berroco yarn stash is growing rapidly. Thanks for all the wonderful yarns, patterns, inspiration, and help.

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