Portfolio Volume 3

The Portfolio Collections are without question my favorite part of my job. The series is a collaboration between the Berroco Design Team and a few of our favorite designers. In Volume 1 we went to the historic Slater Mill Museum. For Volume 2 we shot in a spectacular Federalist mansionVolume 3 is the first spring/summer edition of the series and it is a beautiful summer dream of a collection.

From the all star cast of designers and the fabulous photographer Gale Zucker, to the amazing location (the Amare Guesthouse in Chester Vermont), everything came together beautifully, despite blistering heat the day we shot, rogue mice running through the shoot, bee stings and sunburns (we lost a car bumper too). The finished book is what makes all the stressful planning and day of photo shoot logistics worth it. Starting with the Marca Ruana (above) by Amy Palmer, here’s a few of my favorite alternative shots from the day that didn’t make it into the printed book.

Leisl by Veronik Avery, Landscape by Norah Gaughan, Malaga by Alison Green, Anniu by Bristol IvyRodinia by Alexis Winslow.

Sweetgrass by Donna Yacino, Caverly by Ellen Mason, Vinalhaven by Kirsten Kapur.

Island Wrap by Emily Nora O’Neil, Color Field by Ann Weaver, Delphin by Hilary Smith Callis Baltica by Alexis Winslow, Triteia by Hilary Smith Callis.


All of the project in this collection were knit using Berroco’s Modern Cotton or Modern Cotton DK yarns. The Modern Cotton™ yarns are an easy-care cotton-and-rayon blend that drapes beautifully and comes in a rainbow of colors. But maybe cotton yarns aren’t your thing? All the patterns in this collection would work beautifully with some of Berroco’s other workhorse yarns: Ultra Wool is new for 2017 is a super wash wool and a perfect match for Modern Cotton, you could also use Ultra Alpaca, Vintage or Comfort. For Modern Cotton DK, you could substitute Ultra Alpaca LightVintage DK, or Comfort DK.


Find these yarns and flip the book in person at a yarn shop near you!

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