Mrs Watson KAL: Yarn and Color Choice

It’s getting closer to cast-on date for the Mrs Watson Knit-along—February 1 will be here before you know it! I think I’ve figured out which yarn I want to use and which colors…but now I’m struggling over color dominance!

I’ve decided to go a little “wild” and use a bulky weight yarn to knit my Mrs. Watson. The pattern calls for Berroco Ultra® Alpaca Light, which is a DK weight yarn. There are loads of colors available in Ultra Alpaca Light, but I’m craving something enormous and substantial. I landed upon these two shades of Berroco Inca® Tweed and just knew they were what I wanted. The gold color is #8907 Trigo, and the dark color is #8963 Acero. I started swatching (and you can too—swatching is always allowed in advance of the knit-along start dates!) by simply working the first few rows of the pattern.

I wanted to make sure that the tweed in the Inca Tweed would play nicely together, and that was my main motivation in knitting my swatch. But as it started to come together, I realized that I am not overly fond of the gold as the main color. I still like these two together, but I think I may switch things up and make the dark gray my main color, with the gold becoming the leaf sections. I haven’t had a chance to swatch this change-up yet, so maybe I’ll just need to go back to the drawing board and pick a new color or two.

How’s your yarn selection coming? Have your pattern yet? Let me know about your yarns and if you’ve swatched in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Mrs Watson KAL: Yarn and Color Choice

  1. I still haven’t figured out which yarn I want to use or my colors. I just know I want “pop and color” to it. Not to mention, a medium weight for spring and fall. So … still debating! 🙁 Still have a couple days yet! LOL

  2. I love this pattern….and the knitalong starts tomorrow AND I think I have some Ultra Alpaca Light in my stash. I need to go digging right now.

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