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Lopi Week: Introducing Ístex Lopi Yarns (and a Giveaway!) GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Berroco is happy to announce that, in addition to LANGYARNS, Amano, and James C. Brett, we are now the distributor in the United States and Canada for Ístex Lopi yarns! To celebrate this new partnership and to introduce (or re-introduce) this incredible yarn, we’ve declared this week to be Lopi week. If you follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), we’ll be talking about the history of this beautiful yarn and sharing pattern ideas and inspirational photos.

The story of Icelandic yarn begins more than 1,000 years ago, when Vikings settled the small island in the north Atlantic Ocean that we now call Iceland. The explorers settled the island in 874 A.D., and brought with them their livestock—specifically the sheep that today are known as Icelandic sheep. Isolated from interacting with other breeds of sheep, the Icelandic sheep remain virtually unchanged from that primitive breed. They’re a dual-coated sheep, having long guard hairs and a much softer undercoat, resulting in a fiber that is warm but very lightweight. The single-spun Icelandic yarn is most notably famous for Lopi sweaters (or lopapeysa), but can be used for a wide-variety of projects. Berroco is currently distributing Léttlopi (a worsted weight yarn), Álafoss Lopi (bulky weight), and Bulky Lopi (super-bulky).

We’ll be sharing blog posts throughout the week about working with Lopi yarn, knitting Lopi sweaters, and much more, but we’re kicking off this week with a giveaway! We have five copies of the book The Best of Lopi (XRX Books, 2002), co-edited by Norah Gaughan and Susan Mills. This collection of 45 sweater knitting patterns (and a few accessories as well) includes a discussion of “Why Lopi?” written by Norah, and instructions and illustrations to help you knit these seamless yoke sweaters. A quick note on the yarn listed in the patterns: at the time this book was published, Reynolds Lopi was the previous distribution name for Álafoss Lopi (the bulky weight version of 100% Icelandic wool), and Reynolds Lite-Lopi was the distribution name for Léttlopi (the worsted weight, 100% Icelandic wool yarn).


Simply leave a comment on this blog post before 11:59 PM EST on FRIDAY, JANUARY 13 letting us know which Lopi yarns you’ve knit with before, or which you’re most looking forward to trying out (and if you’ve knit a Lopi sweater, let us know which pattern you’ve knit, so we can go check it out and add it to our “to-knit” list).

Giveaway is open to anyone 18 years of age or older, anywhere in the world. Winners will be contacted Monday, January 16.

232 thoughts on “Lopi Week: Introducing Ístex Lopi Yarns (and a Giveaway!) GIVEAWAY CLOSED

  1. Hi! Thanks for the giveaway. The only Lopi yarn that I’ve knitted with is bulky Istex Alafoss Lopi and I made a fun bright yellow hat for myself. After I blocked it, it’s been wonderful and I enjoy wearing it. 🙂

    1. I have Álafoss Lopi, and I’m looking forward to knitting the Viking Vigdis Tunic with Separate Hood.

  2. So excited that you will be carrying this yarn. Just cleaned out an old chest and found some skeins of Reynolds Lopi! Icelandic dreams……

  3. I am so excited!!! I would love to work with Lopi yarns, but did not know a good way to find any in my area. Now I can. Thanks!

  4. Have you ever had a “I didn’t know that what I’ve been doing for decades has a name” situation?

    I knit my first “Lopi” sweater when I was in 9th grade, which is a few decades ago. I remember that a sweater in a store display had caught my attention, and I decided to create my own. It took me a few rounds to figure out how it was done … please note that this was in the 70ties … no internet! When I had completed my creation it became so popular at school that I made several more, for my classmates. I had a picture at some point – not any more – where everyone with a sweater that I had made had gathered … quite a scene …

    Then, about two years ago, I was browsing through some vintage knitting books at a book peddler. My browsing came to a screeching halt at a pattern book titled “Reynolds Lopi”. That cover sweater very closely resembled what I had been knitting 40 years ago, and I didn’t even know that there had been a written pattern for that! Or special yarn, or a unique history.

    Lastly, add to all of that today’s Berroco announcement about distributing the real Lopi yarns here in the States.


    Either way, I’d love to make another “Lopi”, now that I actually know what it is. And it probably will be made of Léttlopi, given the place where I live right now has … very little winter.

  5. How great! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I haven’t knit with Lopi, but I’m intrigued with Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Stopover. I’d love to knit a Lopi sweater in 2017!

  6. I have seen and touched (of course!) the Lopi yarns, have never knit with them before. I have several XRX pattern books and find them to have a good assortment of ideas in them. I’m sure it would be fun to find something to knit with Lopi yarn.

  7. I’ve knit with Alafoss Lopi, and want very much to try a lighter-weight sweater in Lett Lopi. The pattern I used was an old one – #23 from Istex Volume 18. I’m excited to know that there will be more opportunities to find this yarn now!

  8. So happy that Berroco has decided to distribute this great yarn. I look forward to many new Lopi projects!

  9. I knitted a sweater out of Alafoss Lopi yarn a few years ago. It was the Einstein Coat pattern by Sally Melville. Since then I have been to Iceland and seen the beautiful country where these sheep live. I am in love with all things Iceland, especially their beautiful sweaters and yarn.

  10. Lopi is one of my favorite yarns. I’ve knit sweaters with Lett Lopi and Alafoss Lopi, including the Endurreisn pattern which has something like 14 colors in it. Other patterns I’ve knit are Sjon, Hela, and a custom designed cardigan with dinosaurs on it for my nephew. I’ve knit a couple of dog sweaters for my miniature Schnauzer using Lopi – it makes a great dog sweater. I wear my Lopi sweaters all winter long because they are so warm (I live in Minnesota:)

  11. I had not heard of Lopi until I read this post. Out of curiosity I went to the Istex website to learn more about the company and the yarn. The yarn I would like to get my hands on is Plötulopi. It comes as a single ply, flat roll that is referred to as a “plate”. I imagine that it would be as soft as a cloud. If given the opportunity, I would like to make a scarf or shawl that I could wrap myself up in. Thank you, Berroco for teaching me something new today!

  12. I have a nice stash of Lopi yarn and I’ve been using one batch to make a scarf during faculty meetings for the last two or three years. Ironically, if I hadn’t chosen to knit it only during meetings, I would have finished it within a week or two. I

  13. I made a Stopover with Lett Lopi and started another with the same yarn but different colors. This reminds me that I should get back to that second Stopover. It was 0 degrees this morning and I really should have worn my Stopover.

    I love all things Icelandic.

  14. I have never knit with a Lopi yarn but would love to. Excited that it may be more widely available as I have always wanted to knit a traditional oversized Lopi sweater to throw on over everything on many of our chilly Minnesota winter days.

  15. This is very exciting! I’ve been into Lopi yarns ever since I went to Iceland in 2011, where I bought the yarn for my first lopapeysa (alafoss lopi). Last year I made a Stopover ( with lett-lopi and currently working on Blaer ( out of Lopi Einband (icelandic laceweight, doesn’t look like you’ll be carrying it). I love working with it and it’s so fun to see how it changes after blocking. I’ve got a huge stash of mostly white and greys, leftover from my various projects. The best part of lopi sweaters is how fast they knit up and the extremely satisfying moment when you connect the sleeves and body to make the yoke 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah! That Blaer is lovely—I hope you’ll share a photo of your finished cardigan! We don’t currently have Einband on our distribution list, but the design team has heard that we will be carrying it later this year. Keep your fingers crossed!

  16. I have never knit with Lopi as I am mainly a sock knitter but I just returned from a short visit to Iceland and would love a copy of the book so I can expand my knitting range. It was wonderful to see so many folks in wonderful hand knits including the front desk staff at my Reykjavik hotel.

    1. Oh! You went to Iceland? Did you see sheep? Are they really as fluffy, clean, cuddle-able as in the Lopi video clip that Amy posted this morning? … Makes one dream …

  17. It’s 31 years since I last knitted a Lopi pullover. I’d love to knit another one For this cold, snowy north of Scotland weather. 💗

  18. I knit with Ístex Léttlopi and loved it! I made Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Stopover it was so fun, fast, and easy! Highly recommend! I would like to make additional Lopi style sweaters and try out a heavier weight as well as making something with Plötulopi, which I know has special challenges!

  19. I went to Iceland 2 years ago and brought an extra bag just to bring yarn home. I love Lopi yarns. I made 2 sweaters and a vest for my mother. I still have enough yarn to make one more sweater. So happy you will now be a distributor of Lopi yarns!

  20. I might have a slight LettLopi problem. I have 3 Lettlopi sweaters, a plain dark charcoal one that now needs elbow patches, Strokkur, and Stopover. I also have a pair of stranded mittens (Handtak). I probably have enough of a Lettlopi stash for another dozen pairs of mittens (one of my LYS was discontinuing carrying it, and I scoured the sale shelves for every ball!).

    1. Sorry Genevieve, I have to go through and approve all the comments (to cut down on spam), and sometimes it takes me a little while to get to them.

  21. I’ve knitted my 1st sweater last year in plotulopi (Freyja), and lett-lopi (Iðunn). Both patterns are written by Ragga Eiríksdóttir. Just finished a sweater Stutt rennd lopapeysa / Icelandic Zip Cardigan by Védís Jónsdóttir from vintage 80’s Lopi from Mom’s stash. Next is a sweater Blaer in Einband.

  22. I think I knit a Lopi sweater years and years ago but don’t remember the pattern. I took a hiatus from knitting during grad school but am back with a vengeance and with 4 sons, there’s always one who needs/wants a new sweater! I’d love to knit a sweater with the Alafoss Lopi, I bet it would work up very quickly and there are such lovely colours.

  23. I’m making a vest with Reynold’s Original Lopi and I’m loving the colors and texture.

  24. I have never knit with lopi, but would love to have the opportunity to do so! Looking through Icelandic sweaters on instagram is so inspiring!

  25. I have three Lopis knit over 30 years ago when the yarn was distributed by Reynolds. I’m hoping the yarn will now be easier to find locally.

  26. I just visited Iceland and visited Alafoss. I am currently knitting a sweater called Ranga using Lettlopi. Am so excited to see how it comes out.

  27. I would love to win a copy of the book. I knit a lopi sweater a couple years ago with yarn my boss brought me back from a trip to Iceland. I ended up ordering more from Iceland to complete my sweater. I love the designs.

  28. I knit a lopi sweater a couple years ago using yarn my boss brought me back from Iceland. I ended up ordering more from Iceland to complete my sweater. I love all the designs.

  29. I have a beautiful Lopi sweater made of Lopi Lettlopi or a Lopi in weight 5. It was made in brown and with a yoke pattern in neutral tans which was knitted by my Mother over 30 years ago. It is in perfect condition and very warm. I cannot wait to knit one myself soon.

  30. I have yet to knit with it but I would LA LA LOVE to try the Alafoss Lopi! Happy New Year! xoxo

  31. It’s so long since I knit a lopi sweater that Ican’t remember names of yarns or patterns but I have used some lopi recently in Rug hooking.

  32. Just took out a lovely white and natural gray and black sweater for the winter. It was knitted 40 years ago. Still beautiful. I was afraid that the yarn wouldn’t be available in the US. A real tragedy. Thank you Berroco.

  33. Awesome contest! I’ve used Lettlopi several times. I’ve knit Stopover (Mary Jane Mucklestone) twice – once for me & once for my sister. I’ve also knit Strokkur (Ysolda Teague) for my sister and just this weekend cast on one for me.

  34. Have knitted with all types of Lopi yarn for decades – glad to hear it now will be easier to get! The ski sweaters are SO warm and cozy, and I love the laceweight.

  35. I’ve never knit with Lopi but have read so much about it over the years! I would live to add it to my 2017 knitting challenge – learning or working with a new technique every month. Would love this for one of the winter months!

  36. I’ve never knit with Lopi nor have I made a sweater. I did buy a sweater, some mittens & socks when I was in Iceland in 2011. They’re part of what made me determined to learn to knit & I’m now probably advanced beginner to intermediate. I’d love to try any or all of the yarns.

  37. Thank you for this fabulous give away. I have knit a pocketbook with Lopi yarn and also a scarf( as a gift). The yarn I knit with was worsted weight and Lite Lopi. It was very nice to knit with.

  38. I have several pattern books and started knitting one this year. I love the patterns for the yarns. I have used letti lopi.

  39. I knitted my first sweater using bulky Lopi yarn back in the late 60s using a pattern from a German craft magazine. Then made my future husband a traditional Icelandic pullover for Christmas in 1983, again out of bulky. I recently unearthed a few bag of yarn that I’d picked up on a layover in Iceland. Then, helping my mother clean out her house prior to selling it, we found even more bags – all now added to my stash. Now that I live in cold New England, I think a traditional Icelandic cardigan/coat might be just the perfect project!

  40. I knit a sweater with Lettlopi that I absolutely love. I’d love to knit with it again, as well as try some of the other Lopi yarns.

  41. I’m another of the many who knit a Stopover last year with Lett Lopi. In fact, I turned my Stopover into a cardigan because Lopi was so wonderfully “sticky” it seemed the perfect opportunity to try my first steek. I’d love to knit a pullover version or a true lopapeysa pullover. Lopi offers so many great colors.

  42. I just bought enough lettlopi for a cardigan and it’s the next project after I finish my current pair of socks. Perfect timing!

  43. June 2015 my daughter, granddaughter and I spent 10 days in Iceland. We rented a car and drove highway 1 around the entire island. It was our girls trip and we loved it. One of our stops was in Mosfellsbær where the main Alafoss Wool Store is. I bought several skeins of Léttlopi and have so far, knitted and felted a pair of mittens. They are soft, light weight and warm. Wonderful yarn.

  44. I just made a pair of Mittens with Lettlopi!! They finished blocking and I wore them out to dinner tonight

  45. I have knit sweaters with an old Reynold’s lopi called “country” and more recently a stopover in lettlopi. Both were wonderful to knit and wonderful to wear. Warm and light!

  46. Thanks for the chance to win these patterns. I haven’t knit with any yet but have been wanting to knit the Stopover pattern for over a year now and that calls for Lettlopi. Glad you are carrying these so maybe they will turn up at my lye.

  47. I have this vague memory of knitting a Lopi sweater in high school, but I don’t know what ever became of it. And of course back then I couldn’t afford wool, so it was made with whatever acrylic I found in the Woolworths. It would be nice to make the Afmæli Sweater knit in Ístex Léttlopi to make things right.

  48. The only Lopi yarn I have used is Alafoss Lopi by Istex. I knit purse and then felted it, that was about 11 years ago. I still have the purse. I have a giant stash of Alafoss Lopi to knit a wool coat with, but have since changed my mind and want to knit a traditional sweater. My goal is start it anytime now. Lol I was also gifted a few skeins in blue a friend bought to make felted slippers. My mother knit my sister and I matching brown Lopi sweaters when we were little girls. I would love a copy of the updated book!

  49. I’ve made a Lava Flow scarf in Tunisian crochet from Loðband Einband. I’d love to make something in a bulky weight for warmth.

  50. I’d love to try Lettlopi, preferring worsted weight to bulky for most sweaters. The book sounds wonderful!

  51. I have, many years ago, made a few items from Lopi and Bulky Lopi. I loved them so much!
    I have been wanting to make Stopover and am very excited to hear that Lopi yarn will be available through Berroco.

  52. I have knit with lopi lite..and Im not sure of the pattern name it was a childs swater that had sheep around the border was beautiful! I would really like to knit myself a cardigan….white for main body, light brown to dark brown for the yoke pattern…This was the year I promised myself I would do it!


  53. A lopi sweater is the ultimate winter sweater, beautiful and warm. True happiness for any knitter.

  54. I knit an Einstein Coat with the Alafoss Lopi that my husband brought back of me from Iceland! Have just started knitting more with rustic yarns and also some color work, soI think this book would be perfect for me!

  55. I began knitting Lopi sweaters some 30+ years ago – made 5 in one month for Christmas presents. Have missed being able to buy this yarn, though I still have a couple of balls left from all those years ago. I also have kept the books, so cannot wait to be able to knit with this amazing yarn again!

  56. I knitted a beautiful cabled blue sweater 30 years ago that is still beautiful and warm. I would love the book and working with it again!

  57. I havent knit with t, but my mother made me the most wonderful heirloom Christmas tree skirt of Alefoss Lopi. Its absolutely gorgeous.

  58. Hi! I knit a pulloversweater from Reynolds Lopi when I was in college – – long time ago. I would love to make another one to wear this winter! It is so cold here!

  59. What fun to look in my Reynolds Lopi pattern book to find info for this contest. I had saved receipts from 1988 and 1989 when I paid $4.95 for each ball of Lopi. Pattern 1 has my handwritten notes “1983 made for Jeanie, 1988 made for Beth, 1988 made for Jody”. Pattern 2 “1988 made for Kris, 1990 made for Jen”. Pattern 3 “1984 made for Darlene”. I still have my own Lopi sweater too in shades of grays, white and black.

  60. Have used Lopi many, many years ago and the sweater is still holding up great. The designs in the book are fantastic, would love to win a chance to be able to knit with it again. I the I would go for more of the natural colors, unless the mood strikes and then lean towards reds and blues.

  61. I’ve used Lettlopi for a colorwork sweater design by Martin Storey. It wasn’t designed for Lopi, but I loved the result! It was so warm and cozy to hug.
    I would really like to try Plötulopi (the unspun) and Einband (the lace). I also want to do a white background yoke Alafosslopi sweater though… Too many things I want to do with Lopi!

  62. I’ve never knitted any Lopi sweater yet. but I had one with a similar design as a child (however it didn’t come from Island), and I have decided that would beone of my next knitted works.

  63. I currently have Stopover on the needles, a MaryJane Mucklestone pattern, and really need to finish as it would most certainly would be useful this winter. Love the yarn! Thank you!

  64. The lettlopi will be wonderful to try. I’d love to visit Iceland and this would be the next best thing to that!! Can’t wait to try your new yarn line.

  65. I’ve never knit with Lopi but definitely want to try! I’m so pleased that you are making it available.

  66. I have never knit a Lopi sweater, but I do love Berroco yarns and Nora GaGaughan patterns so I may have to give it a whirl!

  67. I have never knit with lopi yarn, but have knitted an icelandic style sweater for my son which had a row of penguins round the yoke!

  68. I have not had the opportunity to knit with any of the lopi yarns, but would love to make one of those beautiful sweaters!

  69. Never have knitted with lopi, and I’m not 100% it is available in my area to purchase, if I win this it would be my first time using it. Thank you for the chance at winning the Lopi

  70. How nice that Berrocco is now distributing my favorite workhorse yarn! I have been knitting and wearing Alafoss Lopi since the 1970s. I have travelled Iceland and Greenland and met these amazing sheep. I am looking for inspiration for 8 balls of Alafoss in my stash. “The Best of Lopi” is on my wishlist. Please include me in the drawing!

  71. So great to hear this news! Lopi yarns are indeed unique. Last year I did the Stopover KAL with the Mason Dixon gals, using Lettlopi. Later this month I’m casting on for Hela in Alafosslopi.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Have never knit with Lopi, have admired it in pictures. So happy to hear Berroco is bringing more availability to the US. Would love a lightweight cuddly cardigan to pull on in the cold winter months — had single digit (Fahrenheit) highs this last week.

  73. My son lives in Iceland and I have used Álafoss Lopi and Lett lopi. The platuloppi is amazing to use, pulls apart really easily, yet once knitted is strong lace yarn. The thicker quality yarns are absolutely brilliant at keeping you warm and toasty in below zero temperatures, and the yarns seem to have a natural water repellence too. I have never been so warm as I am when wearing my Álafoss jumper! However, be warned, the yarn is hairy, so you will need a shirt under it if you are sensitive…

  74. Interestingly my knit group was talking about Léttlopi yarn last week! It’ s marvelous that Berroco will now carry it! Our LYS carries Berroco! I would love to knit a sweater out of Léttlopi.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  75. I’ve never knit with Lopi before but have always wanted to knit a Lopi sweater and I was just mentioning to my husband that someday I’d love a trip to Iceland, so the timing was perfect on this !

  76. I made 2 sweaters with Lopi Lettlopi last year (both Stopover by MJ Mucklestone) and I love them both – would love to win a copy of the Lopi book.

  77. I have knitted small items like mittens and slippers with Bulky weight Lopi. Someday I hope to get enough courage to try one of the Colorwork sweaters.

  78. I’ve never knit with lopi yarn. I’d love to try the lettlopi worsted weight. I even purchased a Craftsy video class on knitting a lopi sweater but just haven’t gotten around to it.

  79. This blog has sparked my memory of a hat I once had that was knitted in Lopi, in creams and beiges and I remember it being incredibly soft, warm and beautiful to look at. Sadly, don’t remember what happened to it. So happy to learn that Berroco will be stocking this yarn as I would love to knit a garment in this yarn.


  81. Hello!
    My New Years resolution this year is make Riddari sweater in Lopi. I know I want dark green, grey, orange and cream for my palette!
    Lopi yarns have wonderful memories for me. I used to bundle in giant wool sweaters growing up in MI. I live in NH now and long for that comfort and nostalgia.
    Thank you!!!

  82. I have never knitted with Lopi, but it has been on my wish list for a while…now I should get moving!

  83. I recently returned to knitting and crafting after semi-retiring. After a relative just went to if Iceland a month or so ago I started learning about the Icelandic sweaters and was surprised to learn that the”traditional” lopapeysa” was such a newcomer! I began looking and liking for patterns. I started I’ve back when I was in high school but it was never finished. I would love to work with whatever lopi yarn works with the pattern, by but recently have been enjoying bulky weight yarns so I will say that l would like to work with Alagoas. Thanks for re Introducing all of us to this universally loved sweater!

    1. Oh my goodness and please forgive all of the typos! I dictated the first message and was too excited about the giveaway to proof read it.

  84. Oh the Lopi sweater, we had several “back in the day” 70’s that my husband ordered from Iceland and we wore them forever and still do. Then of course I had to try knitting one and then several, my father in law wore his forever.They’re awesome sweaters and I still love them I’ve also bought some Lopi yarns last year to knit hats with.

  85. I took a class almost 28 years ago to learn how to knit. The first thing I made was a Lopi sweater. (Go big or go home) I don’t remember the name of the yarn, but, I still have the sweater! I would love to try the yarn again an make another sweater!

  86. My most recent lopi knits were not that recent–the last one was 2008. There are two projects I have on Ravelry. One is Thrummed Mittens for Christmas 2008 (the pattern is Fleece-Stuffed Mittens by Robin Hansen)–the other is Modified Hues in Horizontal (the pattern is Hues in Horizontal by Susan Mills). In spite of the time issue, lopi is one of my favorite yarns,and I’m so pleased to find out you’re the distributer now!

  87. I’ve also made the Einstein Coat by Sally Melville out of Alafoss Lopi. I love how the yarn is sturdy, warm and classic.

  88. there’s a Lopi Book 19, now out of print, featuring a sweater with a circles on the yoke – I’ve been dreaming of that one for years! So glad to hear Berroco has picked up Lopi; when JCA Reynolds went out of business I wondered what was going to happen to Lopi, and now I know. Thanks, Berroco!

  89. A. Lopi was a favorite of mine 46 years ago. We were having an energy crisis and the ski sweaters made turning the thermostat down a more endurable experience. We wore them on the slopes, too. My husband had one that was knit by his mother. When he had a ski accident, dislocating his shoulder and breaking his wrist, he refused to let emergency room personnel cut the sweater off.

  90. I’m knitting a fair-isle sweater for my daughter with “Kambgarn”. My first Lopi project and it seems like it will become a friend for life.

  91. I haven’t knit with Lopi yarns before, but Lettlopi comes in such beautiful colours for winter sweaters!

  92. I have never knit with Lopo but I would love to try! My fashion forward daughter has been asking for a top down sweater a pattern of TARDIS and Daleks. This might be the little push that makes me chart and cast on something so unique.

  93. I have knitted with all of the lopi yarns the last few years, and alafosslopi and lettlopi for several years (from the Reynolds days), and love all of them! I’ve made loads of accessories and some toys, and two sweaters so far, the Icelandic Zip Cardigan (as a pullover), and Freyja. Currently I have a few more planned with yarn and pattern ready to go; Strokkur, Flowerpot, Winter Traveller, and Gilipeysa. If I were lucky enough to win a copy of this book, I know I’d enjoy it thoroughly!

  94. I knit my first Lopi sweater back in the 70’s, with Reynolds Lopi yarn. I was never pleased with the fit, and felt it was the yoke down pattern that was a problem. Have now knit several yoke down patterns, with no fit problems. Am about to embark on stopover sweater with the lighter weight yarn. Would love to have a book of patterns and tips to make these sweaters fit properly. Suspect it is all in the tension

  95. I am excited to see Lopi yarn gaining popularity again. I toured the Alafoss mill while in Iceland, which was a great experience. Over the years I’ve knit many Lopi items. The ones I have on Ravelry are Pattern 3 by Helga Aspelund, Rambling Rows (Cottage Creations), Felted Sheep (Fiber Trends), Einstein Coat (fabric is now upcycled), #11 Cardigan (my favorite), Happy Rabbit Carrot Hat, Nopi Jacket, and in my needles is the Moose sweater (Mary Maxim) for my son. I love Lopi yarns!

  96. I’ve never worked with Lopi before, but my friend just brought me home some Lettlopi and Plutolopi from Iceland and I look forward to making a sweater and some mittens!

  97. I am a long time Lopi fan – I have and wear two sweaters (one was the first thing I ever knitted) that are over 30 years old.

  98. I haven’t knit with lopi but my father-in-law has a yoked sweater that I suspect is lopi from long ago. Just beautiful.

  99. I have not knitted with any of these beautiful yarns. I would love to give any of them a try. The patterns are beautiful.

  100. I’ve never used Lopi but I’m really looking forward to using it soon. I’ve been wanting to make a sweater with the worsted weight. Now to figure out which one.

  101. I decided I should start actually using up some of the yarn I’ve had and pulled out some skeins of “Original Reynolds Lopi” and started an afghan. I knew I wouldn’t have enough so I ordered more in 2 additional colors and they have the Alafosslopi label – it’s a joy to knit and is keeping me nice and warm while in progress.

  102. I love Lette Lopi. I have Knit 3 different styles of adult sweaters. A combination of knitting machine and handknitting…….Not the traditional round yoke. I’ve also made felted hats and other hats using Lette Lopi and Lopi. Nicely light and warm for my Cdn climate.

    1. Hi Cultermac, I have been searching for machine knitting patterns for Icelandic Léttlopi and Einband. Could you tell me if you used a bought pattern or made your own one up? I love the Léttlopi and Einband too but have only bought some at the moment and have not dared knit with it yet! Sounds like you may need the warm items if you livein Canada. I’m in the UK.

      1. I usually make my own patterns. Sometimes with knitting software, other times, pencil and paper.

  103. I have made one sweater with Lettlopi using the craftsy class taught by Ragga Eiriksdottir. I love it and would love to make another that I can use for when we camp in October in the north woods (Wisconsin and upper Michigan).

  104. I bought a suitcase full of lett Lori when I visited the Oates factory in Iceland, the staff there was lovely! And I ran into them again at Vogue knitting Live in NYC. I am currently knitting a sweater for my 4 year old grandson using one of the patten books purchased there as well. Wonderful yarn, wonderful people!

  105. I have knit many Lopi sweaters, starting around 1980. My Canadian hometown was near a sheep farm that sold Lopi, along with its own sheepskin goods. I’m really in the mood to knit another after watching the series “Trapped” on Netflix. Set in Iceland, and subtitled in English there was lots of real snow and many hardy sweaters.

  106. I have never had the opportunity to try these yarns, but it is a cold, very blustery day outside. I would love to be able to wrap up in a warm bulky sweater, like “Sonja”, made with Álafoss Lopi.

  107. I’d like to try Istex lips to start. I’m a relative beginning knitter and am axcited about trying an Icelandic design sweater. I’ve been looking at patters on Ravelry and found one I love in the 2016 Winter issue of Vogue with a lovely loose turtle neck.

  108. I have admired the patterns and the yarns they have been knit from for a good many years. Due to a variety of life circumstances, I’ve never had the pleasure of knitting with this yarn. I am glad to know that Lopi yarns will now be part of the Berroco family.

  109. I have some Looi yarn I bought when I was in Iceland waiting for the right pattern to made into a blanket or sweater. I would love a copy of the book.

  110. Thank-you for expanding the wonderful world of Lopi!
    Over my knitting years I’ve managed to find a few authentic “Lopi” patterns, and have knit many icelandic style sweaters for family and friends. Now I’m itching to be able to buy authentic yarn as well, and Lettlopi, the worsted weight, would be my preferred yarn

  111. I knit the Afmaeli pattern with Lopi yarn purchased during out trip to Iceland this summer. I not only have a wonderful souvenir of our amazing vacation but also the warmest sweater for current freezing temperatures.

  112. It was a sweater using Léttlopi I most recently used. Several years ago I made a beautiful, detailed pullover in another Lopi yarn (the name has left me!).

  113. I haven’t made a sweater with Lopi, but would love to! I think the Icelandic sweaters are beautiful. I would probably first try a cardigan in Alafoss Lopi, but would also like to make a pullover in Lettlopi. I’m sorry to see that there are not yet any stores in Salt Lake City that carry it. I hope that will change!

  114. I haven’t yet had an opportunity to knit with Icelandic yarns. I think I’d start with Lettlopi for a cardigan, but would also like to use Plotulopi, so I hope you will be able to add that to your line someday.

  115. I made a traditional Lopi sweater for my dad 30 years ago. I used a creamy white as the main color and black for the contrast. It was warm and lasted forever. So excited Berroco is now carrying these yarns!

  116. I love Lopi yarns! I’ve knitted with Lett Lopi and Alafoss Lopi for my Endurreisn sweater in 2013. I had to order the yarn from Iceland because I couldn’t get all the 15 colours that I needed at my LYSs.

  117. I knit my soon to be husband a fisherman’s knit sweater in Lopi back in 1971. He got it for a birthday a Christmas and it was finished by the next birthday. Since then I have incorporated the front panel in my three children’s wedding afghans as a 12 inch square. As soon as I find the booklet I will let you know the title and pattern name. Unfortunately I just neatened up my two book shelves of knitting pattern books and can only remember where it used to be kept!
    Question – said sweater has yellowed with age ( who hasn’t) and I need to know the best way to whiten it up and at least lesson the darker yellow neckline and stain on the front. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Karen! I asked our resident fiber experts for some ideas. The cheap and easy one is to wash the sweater and let it dry in the sun—that frequently lightens yarn. A couple of soap options—Dawn dish detergent and Orvus paste—are good for fibers, being very gentle but also very good at getting out oils from fibers. Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you Amy. Do your experts not recommend the Internet solutions of 1tsp white vinegar per 2 cups cool water and soak 10 min then rinse. Or small amount of peroxide in water blotted onto wool then launder

      2. Hi Karen, neither of them brought up those options but that probably just mean that they haven’t tried them. If you have a swatch in an all-wool yarn handy that you don’t mind experimenting with, you could try messing it up and running it through those solutions. Sorry we don’t have a solid solution for you at the moment!

  118. I have never used Icelandic yarns, seems somewhat daunting to make one of those sweaters! Would like to face my fear and try one soon. Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. I have some Icelandic sweaters in my Ravelry queue and would love to get one on the needles this year. Lettlopi would be my choice of yarns.

  120. I purchased two Lopi pattern books about 30 years ago. It has been my dream and goal to make an Icelandic sweater. It’s been difficult to locate Lopi yarn. I’m ecstatic that Berroco will carry it. Woo hoo, I’m going to realize a dream/goal and make my sweater. Thanks.

  121. I’ve never knit with Lopi yet, but have a book, Lopi 25. I like the Fjor 1 pattern in that book, with its colourful stripes combined with a yoke pattern! It is knit in Lett-Lopi.

  122. Lopi is such classic yarn. I once knit 95% of a sweater while snowed in in a weekend – Friday night to Sunday afternoon. I like the classic lopi and look forward to knitting one for my newly wedded husband! I knit a scarf out of the finer lettlopi, while it was beautiful it was a little bit scratchy. I confess to having all the patterns I bought back in the 70’s! That snowed in weekend sweater knit in 1975 resurfaced recently!

  123. I’m so excited to try these sweaters!! I think the yarn would be delightful to knit with. Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. I have loved knitting with Lopi (bulky) yarns, from the time I learned to knit multiple colors while in Norway after US high school, to the times I spent long dark winter nights knitting while living in New Zealand, then back to USA and now in Spain. I kept 3 Lopi sweaters over the years, and have given away 5 more to family and friends. It’s like wearing a hug. Wonderful ! Congrats on carrying this great line.

  125. I have been knitting for over 2 years and all these new ideas put me on constant creative overload! Living here in Europe is so different from my tropic homeland. I would love to try knitting with the lighter Lopi yarn. Thanks for the giveaway!

  126. I’ve knit many Lopi sweaters, some out of book Reynolds Lopi Vol. II. Those of course were knit with the then Reynolds Lopi. Also Lopi Lite. Currently working on the Aftur sweater with Lettlopi. Would love, love, to have new patterns

  127. I hope it is my Nordic genes appearing, but I love using and learning about Lopi yarns. Now I need to visit beautiful Iceland! This looks like a great book, thanks for the chance to win. I could surely use it as the one article I have knit with Lopi is the crazy vest I am wearing today. Top down, blues, tans and lt. grey, I tried to follow a pattern but did my own including a Latvian braid.

  128. In 1968 I was in college at Western Illinois University (where it got pretty cold and windy) and I knitted a gorgeous red pullover with a triple cable pattern in Bulky Lopi. I loved that sweater and wore it so much that it stretched out a good bit in the back–so a few years later, when I got pregnant, I just wore it backwards! It worked so well that a friend convinced me to pass it on to her when she was pregnant. I assume she passed it on to someone else, and I have no idea where it is now. I suspect some lucky woman in or near Illinois is wearing it.

  129. I have been in love with Icelandic sweaters for years, but have never knitted one. Right now I am teaching myself doing colorwork with a simple hat. I would love to extend that to a Icelandic Lopi sweater. Steeking will have to wait a bit 😉

  130. Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve never actually knit with Lopi yarns, but had recently added a Lopi sweater to my Ravelry que. I think I’d be interested in using the worsted weight Lopi to start, then I’d try the bulky Lopi after.

  131. I knit my first sweater with lopi before there were so many kinds and all the colors were natural. That must have been 45 years ago. I still have that sweater and another one I knit that may have had some died colors. There are incredibly warm and comfortable. It’s really great to see it again. I think I would like to try something in the lighter weight yarns as I now live in South Carolina.

  132. I just finished a long cardigan mixing Alafoss Lopi with a thick Noro yarn. I love how the colouring worked out, and it’s going to be good and warm! I’m certain I used Lopi yarn for a thick pullover decades ago, and if I wasn’t afraid to steek it to add a zipper, I would still have it. Lopi yarn looks great in garter or moss stitch.

  133. I Love Lopi – so happy to hear that Berrocco is going to carry my favourite yarn! I hope you will have Einband and maybe the Plutolopi as well. My fave Lopi sweater is Freyja, and a have knit about 5 or 6 other lopi sweaters, cardigans, and vests. Lopi (in all it’s weights) are so perfect for the Canadian climate.

  134. I have never had the pleasure to knit with Lopi, but I’ve always wanted to knit a Lopi sweater like the Afmaeli. Thank you for the giveaway.

  135. I love Lett Lopi! I have made Laela. Next I plan to make Afmæli. Also have worked with Einband – like it as well.

  136. I’ve never worked with Lopi, but have heard lots of great things about it. I hope to give it a try some day. Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. I would love to knit a cardigan with the worsted Lopi yarn. Have always wanted to try a steeked cardigan too. Hope it will be easier to find in the U.S. now that you will be carrying it.

  138. Made a jumper in 1978 – loved but lost while moving around in WRAF. Would love to make another one

  139. I’m am so intrigued by this yarn and the history of the sheep. Looking forward to getting my hands on some for a great project.

  140. I hadn’t heard of Lopi until I came across three skeins (in three different colors) of Alafoss in our Prayer Shawl Ministry cupboard. I knit a couple of hats and have enough for a third. Very soft to work with- I would love to knit with more and see those patterns in the book.

  141. I’ve never knit with Lopi yarn, but I would love to try both Léttlopi and Álafoss Lopi. Thanks for the giveaway!

  142. I have never worked with Lopi but I have a sweater pinned on Pinterest that I’m anxious to knit. I’m pleased to learn (from your previous blog post) that Lopi will get softer with washing. Looking forward to knitting my first project with it. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  143. I’ve knit a Stopover with Léttlopi, have a vest on the needles with it now too. Knitting the lighter Lopi at the bulky gauge makes a nice weight sweater for Virginia, where it isn’t bitter cold enough of the time for an Alafoss sweater! Am curious to try Plutolopi too, and have some Einband for a shawl.

  144. My second project as a new knitter was a sweater for my husband knit out of a bulky Lopi yarn. It was a brick red color and my husband loved it. The yarn was easy to work with and keeping the gauge was easy for me. I have not used Lopi yarns since then as I moved to warmer environs. I would like to knit with a lighter weight Lopi yarn sometime as West Texas does get cold in the winter.

  145. I have knit Hanne mittens using Lopi yarn which I purchased in Iceland at the Lopi store. I also knit other mittens to go with the hats I bought at the same time. The topi I used was the same weight as Berroco Untra Alpaca Tonal. My daughters tell me that they are the warmest mittens they have ever worn, even when wet.

  146. I really want to win, I knitted with a Lopi yarn a shawl for y grandmother last year, I love the raw and natural feeling of the yarn. My grandmother pass 2 months ago, but she wore the shawl a lot and the loved it!

  147. I’ve never knit with any Lopi yarn, I would love to knit with any Lopi yarn. I want to knit a lace shawl and a sweater so am definitely happy to hear you’re the distributor!

  148. I would love to try out the Einband. I was looking into this yarn before but it was so difficult to get it around here

  149. I knit a sweater in the early 1980’s out of Reynolds Lopi, which is the only Lopi yarn that was available at the time in my area. The pattern was actually from a French book (Pingouin, I think), but still looked like a typical Icelandic sweater. My husband still wears it, even though it is VERY heavy.

  150. I believe I knit a toque out of lopi yarn when my mom was teaching me to knit probably about 50 years ago. I know she knit with it a lot. Icelandic sweaters and scarves and many many mitts. I still have some she knit me when I was in my 20’s about 40 years ago. I would love to knit with these yarns myself now.

  151. I knit a sweater for my daughter when she was maybe 8 out of the bulky lopi. Last year, I knit a sweater in Lettlopi. I’m excited to see the wool in my LYS and I sure would love a copy of the book.

  152. I love knitting with Lettlopi and Alafoss Lopi. I have made sweaters, mittens and hats. I recently discovered lace weight lopi on a trip to Reykjavik and look forward to trying it, but first I want to try knitting some extra warm lopi socks for my winter boots!

  153. I’ve knit mittens with Alafoss Lopi, and want very much to try a lighter-weight sweater in Lett Lopi. The mittens in Alafoss Lopi is very warm.

  154. When I was a young girl I remember my dear late Mum making an Icelandic sweater for both herself and my Dad using Lopi wool. I have never knit with it but have wanted to recently, I would love to knit an Icelandic jumper using Álafosslopi!

  155. I’ve use a small amount of Lopi yarn (to make my swatch for an outerwear cardigan, that I hope to get on my needles in 2017). Love this yarn. Would love to try the Alafoss Lopi.

  156. I used Lopi for mittens and a hat 30 years ago. Both still in use! I’d love to knit a sweater. Lots of wonderful patterns. I’d probably start with a Stopover.

  157. I haven’t had the chance to use Lopi yarn yet but I’m really wanting to try the fingering weight roving and the Alafoss Lopi, as I love the sweaters, particularly the 20 year anniversary sweater Afmaeli.

  158. I have recently started to learn crocheting and hope to try the Alafoslopi in magenta. I can certainly find a little something to try it out!

  159. I’ve never knit wit Lopi yarns before, but now that you’re distributing them, I’m really looking forward to getting the chance to see and feel them in person!

  160. I have knit a shawl in the unspun Icelandic yarn and it was beautiful. I gave it away and I want to make another for myself. The pattern I used was the “Icelandic 3-Cornered Neck Scarf & Shawl” by Marilyn van Keppel from Schoolhouse Press.
    I also have enough “LetteLopi” in my stash to knit a sweater which I hope to get to soon.
    I really love this yarn!

  161. I recently knit a shawl, pattern name is Blown Glass, with Lopi Einband Lace. This was my first time knitting with Lopi. I couldn’t believe how beautifully my shawl blocked out. Also the stickiness of the yarn made the lace a joy to work with, not to mention it was incredibly forgiving. I love my shawl. I have seen gorgeous sweaters knit with Lopi. I love stranded knitting, it would be wonderful to knit a Lopi sweater with color work and would make a perfect garment for outdoor winter activities.

  162. I’ve knit with Alafoss and Lettlopi and love them both (I have quite a bit in my stash). I am currently knitting the Idunn cardigan with Lettlopi in a cheery shade of green.

  163. A Lopi story:
    Years ago, I received some Léttlopi and a Istex pattern book (Lopi 25) as a gift but life being what it is, I never got around to use it and almost forgot that I had it until last September when I badly sprained an ankle. Immobilized, having nothing to read or to do otherwise, I remembered the box of skeins in the closet and retrieved some needles from another dark place. I refreshed my very basic knitting skills and knitted the Pel pattern for which I had an interest back then. And while I was at it, I also stopped smoking.

    Two weeks later, still wobbly and with rough fingers from this unusual intense activity, I tried the Pel. Unfortunately I didn’t like how it fit (tastes change) but I liked the colour, the feel of the wool and its Islandic origin (Will I go to Iceland someday?). It seems that for me, yarn must have a story… I reluctantly unraveled the Pel. By then, I had a pile of knitting books from the public library and I had found Ravelry and many exciting patterns online. I had just enough Léttlopi to knit a long Gotland cardi. To help me quit smoking, my supportive family expressed an interest to receive knitted slippers for Christmas and we thought that a Lopapeysa for our 94 years-old Dad would keep him handsomely warm 🙂 I ordered some Álafoss Lopi from one of the rare Canadian online source offering Léttlopi and Álafoss. (tobacco money = yarn money)

    I learned a lot knitting the slippers and even more charting with a Islandic software a variant of a Studlaberg pattern (columnar basalt) seen online, adapting the sweater to a steeked cardigan, learning stranded colourwork and so on. I finished my Dad’s cardi on Dec 22 and he was so shyly happy with it… One of our friend saw it and asked if I could knit one for him— officially of course, to keep me from smoking 🙂

    January 10: I just finished a loose cowl with the leftover yarn and there is still some to play with. So for now and the foreseeable future, I am happily hooked on Lopi, its texture and its wide range of colours. My projects include intarsia, fingerless mittens, brioche stitch, cables, Tunisian crochet, tapestry and much more. It also involves Plötulopi and Einband. It would be nice if a online Canadian source would offer them at a fair price.
    And I am still NOT smoking. 🙂

  164. Léttlopi…and everything!
    I am a big fan of the Lopi family of yarns. My favorite is mixing the worsted weight Léttlopi with other yarns — the texture of the Lopi “sits” accompanying yarns so beautifully. When I have leftover variegated or textured worsted weight yarns and there is not enough for a garment, I combine it with Léttlopi — many times in 1×1 or 1×2 pinstripe colorwork, swatch varying the dominant color to find the most pleasing effect. I use this technique to create wonderful knitted jackets for the office (my husband jokingly calls them my “corporate row” collection) and the outdoors. Am happy Lopi is now part of the Berrocco family.

  165. My son brought several skeins of Lettlopi back from Iceland for me . I’ve just started knitting the Anniversary pattern for myself .
    Love that I’ll be able to purchase more locally !

  166. I have not yet knit with Lopi, but I will be traveling to Iceland soon and know I will want to have a project in mind!

  167. Just commenced knitting my first colorwork project — “Afmaeli” sweater with Lett-Lopi. SO much fun picking colors! I am a New sweater knitter – so far it’s looking good! Also have started a test knit for a pair of mittens in the beautiful ‘rough sea’ color. Can’t wait to knit with more colors!

  168. I received my first Icelandic sweater from my cousin at 16 and it is still in my closet 20+ years later! I love knitting with all the weights. Nothing beats lopi for longevity and warmth!

  169. I just finished my second sweater using lett-lopi. I’m addicted!!!
    I’m already thinking of another.

  170. I would love to knit my first Lopi Icelandic sweater – I have never used the yarn but so excited to give it a try!

  171. I am knitting the Top Down Icelandic Sweater on Craftsy using Lettlopi. I still have to steek it!! Watching your video clips and reading your blog is inspiring to take a deep breath and pick up the scissors! Glad to hear you are distributing the yarn.

  172. It took me along time to decide on Weatherman as the sweater. I want to make it into a cardigan. I finally decided on using the lett-lopi for yarn and it took me twice as long to choose colors. Ordered it online and hope in comes in time to start with you.

    1. Hi Harriet! Weatherman is a great sweater—I’ll be knitting it as part of the knit-along and sharing tips and tricks here on the blog and in the Ravelry group, so you’ll have a lot of support.

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