Projects you *could* make in under a week

Every year around the holidays, I’m struck with inspiration for a little last minute gift-knitting insanity. I think I sneak one more project in—something special for a friend or family member who deserves something from the heart even, if I didn’t have the foresight to knit it in October like I should have. If you, like me, deal with last-minute starteritis, here are some great ideas of knitting patterns that can be finished before the big days arrive.

Gazost, pictured above, is a paid pattern  from Booklet #337. This chic turban knitting pattern calls for 2 balls of Berroco Kodiak; if you can’t find Kodiak, substitute with 2 strands of Andean Mist held together. Calison is a free headband knitting pattern that uses just 1 skein of Berroco Vintage Chunky.


Headbands are a great last minute gift project: they are nearly instant gratification, usually using 1 skein or less, and can be completed in just a few hours of knitting. For more headbands, check out the Quinoa pattern knit in Berroco Brio or Pralines crocheted with Berroco Ginkgo (all free knitting patterns).

Blackberry Blossom from the Gusto collection, booklet #365, uses just 2 balls of Berroco Gusto.


When all else fails, there is always Minutia. These mini knits make great ornaments, egg cozies, gift wrapping accents… They are quick projects that use up little bits of left over yarn and can be accomplished in a matter of a few hours. Check out for more Minutia from past seasons as well.


Happy Holidays!!

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