Last Week of the Greenwood Shawl KAL

This is it! The deadline is fast approaching and it’s the final stretch of the Greenwood Shawl KAL.

If you’ve been knitting along with us, you’re probably pretty close to being done—it’s all straightforward once you work the pattern repeat the first time. The final obstacle is the picot bind off… which is actually really easy! It’s sort of the mirror image of the picot cast on we used at the beginning of the shawl. We’ve got a video demonstrating how to bind off the shawl—all that’s left is blocking!

How’s your Greenwood Shawl coming? I must confess, mine got stalled out a bit working on projects for our Spring/Summer 2017 collection (you can see some behind-the-scenes photos in Amy C’s post from Monday). I’m still going to finish my Greenwood, but it might be a little bit late. But hey, that’s okay! I had a great time talking about this shawl with folks on Ravelry, and made some new friends there through the process of knitting this shawl.

We have another knit-along starting up in just a couple of weeks, one in which I hope you’ll join. It will be based around our Berroco Tuscan Tweed yarn, and you’ll be able to knit any pattern you want for the KAL. Want more details? We’ll have our official launch blog next week, with a cast-on date of October 14, so start perusing your patterns now!

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