Lightweight Warmth: Berroco Andean Mist

If you look at Berroco Andean Mist in the ball, you might think it’s simply a pretty, lightweight yarn—and you’d be mostly right! But that’s not all there is to this versatile yarn. Read on for more information.

Berroco Andean Mist is a blend of 74% baby alpaca and 26% silk. The silk loosely binds a lightly spun strand of baby alpaca, which gives the yarn a lot of body and halo that’s incredibly soft. This blend also creates a gorgeous effect with the dye; the silk takes the dye much differently than the alpaca, adding dimension to the 18 shades of Andean Mist in the current line-up. The recommended knitting gauge for this yarn 5.5 stitches to the inch on size 6 (4 mm) needles. For my swatch, I used a US size 5 (3.75 mm) knitting needle.


The trick to yarns with a lot of halo, such as Andean Mist, is that the halo needs a little space to breathe to create the best fabric possible. That’s why the recommended needle and hook sizes are perhaps slightly larger than you might think, based on the apparently thinness of the yarn in the ball. Much like down feathers, which trap air to help you stay warm, the airiness provided by the halo of baby alpaca helps keep the wearer warm while making the finished project very lightweight.


Andean Mist makes for great accessories, such as the Waterhouse scarf knitting pattern or the Kennebec hat knitting pattern (both free; be sure to read this week’s KnitBits newsletter for tips  on working with two strands of yarn held together for Kennebec).

Waterhouse, a free scarf knitting pattern in Berroco Andean MistKennebec, a free hat knitting pattern in Berroco Andean Mist

But Berroco Andean Mist can also be used to knit lightweight but warm garments, perfect for the transition from fall to winter. Braith is a cardigan knit with two colors of Andean Mist from our new fall collection (you can see the full cardigan in the photo at the top of the page); Tensile is a gorgeous pullover pattern from Norah Gaughan Vol 15.

Detail of Braith, a cardigan knitting pattern in Berroco Andean MistTensile, a pullover knitting pattern in Berroco Andean Mist

There’s plenty of patterns for Berroco Andean Mist to choose from—head to our pattern library  to see all of them.


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