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Japonica fits all

The Japonica from pattern Booklet #363 Berroco Artisan was my favorite project from the Fall/Winter 2015 collection. I love it so much, this is actually the 2nd time I’ve managed to sneak it into a blog post this year… This is that sort-of-a-shawl, sort-of-a-cardigan type of garment that I like to wrap up in on chilly mornings. This garment was designed to be very oversized.  Please take this into consideration when selecting your size. But as you can see—that doesn’t have to mean the same thing for everyone.



We maybe got a little silly with it… The sample garment is “size 60″, shown here on members of the Berroco Design Team: Brenda, Donna, Amy, and Amy. We all threw it on over what we happened to be wearing, proving that this kind of easy slouchy style really can we worn over anything, and  by (almost) any one. Between the 4 of us there is a difference of 11” in height and all the sizes in between.

Japonica requires 11(12-14-16) hanks Berroco Artisan (50 grs),  and is shown in the shade #6030 Scotia Sea which was discontinued. Check at your LYS to see if they still have Scotia Sea in stock or maybe scope out the 4 new shades for Fall 2016: Carribean Sea, Caspian Sea, Straight of Gibraltar, and Arctic Ocean.

Berroco Artisan Caribbean SeaBerroco Artisan Caspian SeaBerroco Artisan Straight of GibraltarBerroco Artisan Arctic Ocean

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  1. Thank you so much — I love this! I’ve been in a shawl rut, and I’d like to make something drapey with sleeves!

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